Minnowboard MAx images were not released as part of the GDP-ivi9 initial release. They has been done after 14th AMM meeting.

      The work done to port GDP-ivi9 (previously GDP-ivi8, which was not released) has been tracked in GDP-102. This task is about the release process defined for the port, following the general process described in the GDP Release Howto wiki page.

      Task description

      The list of tasks that need to be done are the listed below. Please add a (done) right after each one of them when they are completed.

      Gold Master declaration

      • Update the readme file
      • Sign the image and metadata
      • Upload them to a FTP server (secure location) accesible to GENIVI devops
      • Test the download of the image+metadata from FTP server.
      • Provide GENIVI devops the info required for them to deploy the images and metadata. Request the URLs
      • Communicate the delivery manager that the GM stage has finished. He will communicate the news to other depts.


      • Once the deployment has been done by the devops, get the links and communicate them to the team.
      • Test the deployment. Integrity tests.
      • Communicate the delivery manager the deployment stage has finished.


      • Check instructions to download and run or build from scratch GDP-ivi9 for Minnowboard.
      • Add Minnowboard to the download page (image link, metadata and hash).
      • Create a social media message for the release only (RT message) and one for after the release (RD+1 message).
      • Communicate it to Marketing
      • Add minnowboard to the Target board list page.
      • Update target page.
      • Update feature page
      • Update roadmap page
      • Verify all links from above pages. Links must point to GitHub instead of GENIVI git.
      • Create release announcement (web+mail). Point to the download page.
      • Verify the links and typos/sytax
      • Publish the release announcement


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