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GDP 11 beta release announcement: creation




      Task description

      Following the instruction on the GDP Release Howto, create the release announcement:

      • Web version
      • Mail version: internal Codethink wiki
      • Communicate it to GENIVI marketing for review.
      • Get approval from GENIVI marketing.


      GENIVI IT needs to redirect the following link, http://projects.genivi.org/gdp/release_announcement currently pointing to the previous release announcmeent, in GENIVI Confluence, to the new release announcement. This redirection should be done at the same time that the images and metadata deployment.

      The release announcement page has to be restricted to those who need to develop it and approve it: marketing (Linda and Mike), CEO, PMO, reneass, delivery team and community management.

      It will be published at the release time by removing those restrictions.

      Mail release announcement

      Dear GDP friends,

      the GDP Delivery Team is happy to announce GDP 11 Beta[1]. This beta release represents a major update for most upstream software in GDP. Several relevant updates on key automotive components are also included.

      GDP for the very first time ships a development version of meta-ivi so professionals interested in some of the components that follow GENIVI specifications can test them, helping GENIVI Expert Groups to improve them. GDP also ships some other updated automotive specific components beyond meta-ivi like NAVIT, or tools requested by users. Last but not least, GDP 11 beta includes Fuel Stop Adviser (FSA), a new demo app.

      This Beta version is for testing purposes. Please help us to create a better GDP. Feel free to download the binary and associated metadata from the GDP Download page[2]. Remember that you do not have to wait for the next release to get the latest GDP software. We have GDP Master[3] for the "impatient ones", addicted to the latest and greatest.

      [1] http://projects.genivi.org/gdp/release_announcement
      [2] https://projects.genivi.org/gdp/download
      [3] https://projects.genivi.org/gdp/master


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