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Deployment: GDP 11 RC1 image and metadata



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      Deployment preparation and execution of the GDP 11 Release images and metadata. :

      • Minnowboard
      • RPi2
      • Community boards
        • RPi3
        • Dragonboard (will not be released).


      This task is fully described in the GDP Release Howto document.

      • Note old process. go.cd now handles these steps directly, instead of via scripts within Codethink
      • Designate a staging area, i.e. a directory to put all the build artifacts.
      • Create a fresh checkout of the genivi-dev-platform repo using the release branch, `source init.sh`, tar the whole thing up as oe-source.tar.gz and put it in the staging area.
      • This can be simplified to wiping out gdp-src-build/tmp and tarring up the whole thing while excluding everything in gdp-src-build except gdp-src-build/conf bitbake genivi-dev-platform
      • Copy tmp/deploy/licenses/genivi-dev-platform-*/license.manifest into the staging area, through go.cd.
      • Tar up the whole tmp/deploy/source dir as sources.tar.gz and put it in the staging area, through go.cd..
      • Tar up the whole tmp/deploy/licenses dir as licenses.tar.gz and put in the staging area, through go.cd..
      • Copy the image manifest to the staging area.
      • Copy the kernel to the staging area.
      • gzip the rootfs into the staging area.
      • Upload all of the staging area into an FTP site (Genivi IT will now directly go to go.cd for the file transfer)
      • Notify GENIVI IT
        • Inlcude in the notification the new URLs required for the release content.
        • Sent credentials to GENIVI IT by a second channel

      oe sources tarball needs re-deployment

      Changes in the process

      For those interested in the go.cd template currently being used to generate the artifacts, it can be found here: http://go.genivi.org/go/admin/templates/Yocto_GDP_generic_release/stages/build/job/init_and_bitbake/tasks

      For now the go server has to act as the staging area, but I believe it should be possible to directly upload to the genivi ftp server by having a mounted directory, set here: http://go.genivi.org/go/admin/templates/Yocto_GDP_generic_release/stages/build/job/init_and_bitbake/artifacts

      The pipelines are also generating a checksum list of all the artifacts created by the specific pipeline execution (e.g http://go.genivi.org/go/files/Release-RaspberryPi3/2/build/1/init_and_bitbake/raspberrypi3/checksums.txt) This should add more automation to the release cycle.


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