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GENIVI has expanded its scope from its strength in Linux-based IVI and automotive open source software to focus on helping automakers integrate the multiple operating systems present in the centralized and connected cockpit.  We call this new strategy Multi-OS Integration.

Vehicle E/E and software architecture trends have led GENIVI to advance into concepts of central domain ECUs, cross domain ECUs (domain fusion) and eventually to a vehicle computer approach.  Longer-term, GENIVI is also exploring vehicle cloud computing and connected services.

New projects launched in this Multi-OS integration scope include:

Work done in late 2017 and throughout 2018 in what GENIVI called domain interaction projects laid a strong foundation for this new multi-OS integration scope expansion. The following domain interaction projects are active and have relevance in the new integration scope:

Some quick to read and interesting results are published as Technology Briefs and Whitepapers.   

The GENIVI Security Team is actively exploring ways to make vehicle software systems more secure against threats and hacks of all types.

GENIVI continues to provide a baseline for GENIVI CompliantTM IVI platforms and the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) will remain accessible for demonstrators and other code development activities.

GENIVI continues to host a number of IVI software components in our github repository.

For more information on engaging in GENIVI, please contact help@genivi.org or visit www.genivi.org. 

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Multi-OS Integration Work


Software Components and Standard Interfaces/APIs


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