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Under Construction

This page is currently under construction


This page shall contain some frequently asked questions and their solutions to help developers using CommonAPI C++

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  1. Hi there.

    Do you plan to support different (than D-BUS and Some/IP) IPCs/Transports? E.g. - MQTT.

    How it would match in the current CommonAPI::Proxy concept?

    Is it expected to be easy to substitute the Transport layer with anything else?

    1. Hi Valeri!

      We usually don't use the Wiki Comments as a support channel - it is likely that this is not seen by the right people - or not by enough people.  Can you send your question to mailing lists instead?  The short answer is : "Yes!" but I would like to give you more information.

      I would recommend sending to both of these two lists:  (This is also used for all CommonAPI topics)

      (I don't know why this page is not filled in now... anyway if the page gets relevant information we might the comments later to keep the page clean)