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This page intends to give an overview of the specifications and a starting point for comparing them

CS gap analysis deliverable content proposal

for each project: VSS, CVIM, ExVe, Sensoris, P.Car
1- motivation & problem space
    in-scope vs out of scope
   scope overlap/gap with other projects
2- data characteristics
   which data ?
   data format structure
   data encoding (e.g. protobuf ?)
   source code structure
3- contents of the framework
4- stakeholders
5- metadata
   source for data management policy definition (e.g. privacy protection)
6- executive summary

taken over by Kevin in Vehicle Data Models - Overview & Gap Analysis deliverable


Common Vehicle Information Model (CVIM)


review findings (Kevin) : Connected Services: AutoMat CVIM specification status

review findings (Benjamin): GENIVI_Connected-services_CVIM

Automat Cybersecurity Framework

review findings (Petar) : look at  Automat Cybersecurity Overview


review findings (Guru): Sensoris specification overview

status overview (June 2019)

Sensoris presentation


status overview (Gunnar): Connected Services: W3C VISS/VSI specification status

ISO Extended Vehicle


review findings (Kevin): look at the minutes of Monday, July 29 here



  • this link presents the results of an evaluation made by a consulting company about how the data access around ExVe is implemented


link: (yet another start-up company)

OCF Automotive

Don's slidedeck

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