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Wednesday 2021-03-31


Wednesday 2021-03-17


  • Update on protobuf tool (merged)
  • Bosch code released for IOT-event-analytics framework, and the vehicle-edge project to bring together all parts of the stack. 
  • Discussion on AUTOSAR tooling
    • TietoEVRY to continue to seek out relevant people, bring into a design discussion meeting.
  • Franca / FARACON vs VSC development
  • VSC code generation framework coming soon. Discussing what to expect.
  • Planning the CVII related sessions at GENIVI AMM, May 4-7.

Wednesday 2021-03-10


  • Updates on topics below
  • Protobuf continued.
  • Bosch


  • Bosch: Code related to the demo on the CVII workshop will be on an open repository within 1-2 weeks.
  • Discussion about organization of the different parts of CVII.  → TODO link for "org.chart" and Common Vehicle Interface Initiative - Activity Matrix.
  • confirming Signal2Service not a likely input to our work (no demonstrator, no plans at the moment)
  • Waiting....
  • Can someone take over leadership?

Wednesday 2021-03-03

  • Adam K / Piotr: AUTOSAR - Signal2Service is not really implemented yet.
    • Some VSS to AUTOSAR tooling seems to make sense therefore
    • Tieto want to start  working on this.  First steps is getting runtime platform setup working. Then the design of VSS↔AUTOSAR can start (and be discussed).
  • Quick look at CVII Tech Stack technologies - Protobuf again.
  • Need for full software architecture focus in this project.
    • Separation of safety-critical technologies and info/entertainment/other.  What is being targeted exactly? 
    • Where in a typical architecture are we working?
    • VSS itself is orthogonal to safety/other question.  However, the chosen technologies and implementations may need to be classified from safety perspective.
    • Clarify where different proposals belong. E.g. "MQTT is unlikely in safety domain, right?"
    • Agreement on which technology to use where.
  • Images to show architecture.
  • Big software release announcement next week...
  • Virtualization important aspect to consider.

Wednesday 2021-02-24

  • AUTOSAR - Tieto/EVRY still interested but other priorities came up so the time plan not clear at this point.
  • Signal2Service - check if spec released and if applicable
  • Look at defining the representation of data in AUTOSAR-XML (to prepare VSS to ARXML conversion)
    • FARACON tool would be one approach.  Create a Franca IDL file with some observable data ("Attributes" in FIDL) and run the conversion, study the result.  There is a comprehensive mapping between Franca ↔ ARXML that should be correct.
  • MQTT 
    • VISS over MQTT (Ulf) has been described in W3C Automotive working group.
      • It is embedding VISS in MQTT with a small control protocol defined (over MQTT).
      • Access control strategy is identical to standard VISS. 
        • Topic needs to be "protected" somehow or anyone could listen/inject to traffic.
      • Give some time to let this idea mature before it becomes part of any official specifications.  New ideas and improvements may come up.
    • A more direct VSS-to-MQTT topic mapping is a different and complementary alternative
    • Sebastian:  Publishing to MQTT is easy.  For writing more work required (because access control details not done yet).
      • Steps:  Define the payload message format
      • Steps:  Describe the access control strategy (clients have access to a subset of topics)
      • Steps:  Deciding implementation language and reuse libraries
  • Protobuf – think about how to represent messages - this page

Wednesday 2021-02-17

Workshop preparation

Shortlist of working items:

  • General efficient message format (JSON and Binary).  For use in many contexts, e.g. MQTT, and SOME/IP and other.
    • For JSON, consider VISS spec
    • VISS spec also has a "compressed" format (unique to VISS)
    • Discussion about having a more "standard" format for binary/efficient encoding.  MsgPack is somewhere in between (like compressed/binary JSON) whereas describing a schema in Protobuf or AVRO or similar will generate an efficient encoding from the schema.
  • Define mapping to AUTOSAR technologies, ARA:COM (AUTOSAR XML) and/or SOME/IP or DDS specifically.  In other words how is a signal definition converted to a 'Service'?  Or should it simply be observable properties (Fields in SOME/IP).
  • The AUTOSAR spec Signal2Service seems still unclear to many.  Perhaps further investigation required.
  • Can we define the actual purpose of the specification?  If so, there is opportunity for any one here to propose potential solutions or to 'unstuck' this activity somehow.

Wednesday 2021-02-10

MQTT (and general design) discussion

  • SSL/TLS setup between MQTT server and MQTT client could have bi-directional authentication (checking also client certificate)
  • Authentication method for the initial CONNECT can be any one that client+server both support. 
  • One approach is to allow any client to get any MQTT topic, but the data itself is encrypted and then only those who can decrypt have access to the data in practice.
  • Another (VISS and other) consider applying filters on the signals (MQTT:topics) that you can actually request.    E.g. Vehicle/Cabin/Temperature.  E.g. Mosquitto plugins can be used for this.
  • VSS Layer (<link) a possibility to define permissions groups (for any of the technology choices or approaches above).
  • Bosch proposes the use of the SSI approach:
    • ... but SSL/TLS is also required in some environments e.g. across internet

Open areas for getting started on implementation

  • Mapping VSS to popular cloud/infrastructure technologies Apache Kafka/Spark/NiFi etc. 
  • What about VSSo?
  • Which existing technologies do VSSo fit into?
    • VSSo maps well to GraphQL (or SPARQL of course).  Web-of-things ← is there an obvious implementation/framework to use in implementing?
      • For GraphQL there is Apollo, Neo4j, maybe others.
    • Protege / Webprotege  ← development/analysis of ontology/data?

Action:  Collect more information from more companies about preferred technologies/implementations.

Wednesday 2021-02-03

US friendly time 17:00 CET


  • project scoping
  • upcoming CVII workshop


  • Christian H, Christian K, Dirk, Sebastian (Bosch)
  • Niclas (Volvo Cars)
  • Kevin (High Mobility), Ulf (Geotab), Iyyaz (Cobrasphere) (GENIVI CCS project participants)
  • Piotr, Michal, Dariuz, Adam, Stefan, (TietoEVRY)

  • Ted (W3C), Gunnar, Stephen, Philippe (GENIVI)


project scoping

  • review of CVII Tech Stack, updated on line

  • Dirk shows latest status of Bosch VAPP project implementation, slide deck can be shared once the code is published in the open

upcoming CVII workshop

Wednesday 2021-01-27

US friendly time 17:00 CET


  • project scoping
  • AOB


  • Sebastian, Christian K, Dirk, Gerald (Bosch)
  • Niclas (Volvo Cars)
  • Kevin (High Mobility), Ulf (Geotab), Iyyaz (Cobrasphere) (GENIVI CCS project participants)
  • Rex (Saferide)
  • Piotr, Michal, Dariuz, Adam, Stefan, (TietoEVRY)

  • Ted (W3C), Gunnar, Stephen, Philippe (GENIVI)


Project scoping

  • discussion starts with MQT, discussion is based on the content of CVII Tech Stack

  • Sebastian:  this is a preferred techno, but what should be the reference implementation for the mapping of VSS to MQTT ?

  • discussion on code vs specs

  • Christian K: code does not lie

  • Ted: but it can have bugs (as can specs)

  • Ted: a server in cloud could return VSS JSON or VSSo RDF (or other formats) through content negotiation from the same end points based on client preferences

  • Christian K: I am convinced there will other standards than CVII in the air, Sensoris for instance, we have already vehicles in development that use Sensoris and I would like to give an opportunity to sync with CVII in the future

  • TODO Christian K to contact Sensoris and make the liaison happen with them

  • discussion on the interface to AUTOSAR
  • Sebastian: we do not need to dig deeply into Adaptive Autosar, our interface point is rather someip for instance

  • Dirk: I would assume both data & service mapping with Autosar

  • Rex: signal-to-service mapping

  • Ted: back to SENSORiS, a mapping may be sufficient for this activity and translators can be created by those who need them. likely would be welcome in GENIVI repo if created, HERE previously showed me some mappings they maintain

  • Christian K: TSN, ARA::COM are deeply embedded when we go so deep, we will lose the opportunity to do any abstraction

  • TODO all to define what are the high level objectives of constructing an AUTOSAR connection

  • Christian K: AUTOSAR  is so much in the safety world that it will be difficult to build cool things with them

  • Sebastian: we want the data from below, i.e. from the safety world, do we want to write safety critical applications on top of VSC ?

  • Gunnar: IMHO VSC can describe a safety critical application but will not implement it

  • Dirk: what is the targeted runtime environment ? is the vehicle computer or a deeply embedded ECU ?

  • short discussion between Christian K, Dirk and Gunnar

  • Gunnar: IMHO the model could apply to any system whatever it safe or not

  • Christian: we will take this offline

  • Michal: VSS to MQTT , what is the preferred language to implement the translation ?

  • Dariuz: I have some experience with MQTT and I am interesting in this translator but not familiar with C++ for instance

  • SebastianLet's all use RUST :)

  • Gunnar: we could start with python first and see where it goes, but if Tieto says we use Rust, please do it, you know the industry better

  • Michal and Dariuz: volunteer for the translator

  • Adam: we can bring some feedback on AUTOSAR for the next call

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