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           (green star) Slide Deck!  Make sure you do not miss the CVII workshop pre-read material! (green star)

           (red star) Webinar!  The question "Why automotive suppliers and data-focused companies need a Common Vehicle Interface Initiative"

               was addressed in this Automotive World Webinar.  You can view the slide deck or view the recorded webinar! (red star)

→  Also, the GENIVI Virtual AMM Experience was completed during 26-30 October.  All presentations and video-recordings are available.

In May of 2020, a number of companies initiated a conversation about the Common Vehicle Interface Initiative (CVII) in a panel discussion held at the GENIVI Virtual Tech Summit, which has led to W3C and GENIVI spearheading a coordination initiative in the automotive and web industries.

The core of the initiative gathers around this question:

   “Is it time to finally define the industry-wide standard vehicle data model?"

The initiative then extends the established idea of standard data model to functional interfaces.   CVII sets out to promote and drive the creation of industry-wide standard service/interfaces (one or several standard catalogs) as well as a standard way to describe those services and interfaces (services model)  

The idea of inviting many industry development organizations to a wide initiative was based on seeing a number of industry trends, specific requests from some companies for a similar activity, and a natural extension of collaboration already in place between different industry organizations like GENIVI, W3C, Sensoris, AUTOSAR and others.

After completing some initial activities (virtual panels, presentations, OEM-only-roundtable meetings, and other outreach), the initiative can now be considered started.
The work is already underway and gradually being organized from a outreach-discussion to become a proper project, or collection of projects under the initiative.

Upcoming CVII activities in GENIVI and W3C conferences:

(see AMM presentations and video-recordings for results)

1. OEM Panel during the GENIVI Virtual Event (27th October, 1510 Central Europe Time / 10:00 am US Eastern Time) entitled "Why does the industry need a Common Vehicle Interface?"

Representatives from Ford, Renault and Volvo Cars give compelling support for the initiative to build a common vehicle interface.   

2. W3C community outreach (27th October, Europe/US time zone)

A presentation of the CVII will be done in parallel during the plenary part of W3C TPAC and TPAC participants are invited to join the following workshop that takes place during the GENIVI AMM.
W3C members are encouraged to register to that event through their representative.   Since this is the plenary session for W3C, it has the opportunity to spread the word about this automotive-specific work to a variety of protocol experts in many other fields.   If the participants are not already aware of the upcoming workshop, they will be invited to hop over to the Workshop when it starts.

3. CVII Work Definition Workshop (27th October, Europe/US time zone)

Following the introductory panel, there will be significant workshops in which we expect different stakeholders who are already active to lead discussions on various sub-topics that include

  • A very short introduction (most participants will already be active in the project, therefore we ask that new participants read the introductory material
  • in-vehicle standard interfaces vs. vehicle-to-cloud boundary
  • How to progress a common model and a common catalog as separate but synergistic parts.
  • Discussing the definition of the Technology Stack (common software solutions to process the common model)
  • Outreach and organization of this initiative across the industry, including multiple consortia.

4. Panel and workshop #2 (29th October, Asia/Europe time zone)

  • Re-broadcast of the panel presentation:  Presenting industry reactions from car manufacturers under the title "Why does the industry need a Common Vehicle Interface?"
  • A slightly extended presentation to give introduction to CVII.
  • Workshops focused on deep-dive discussion of alignment of standards across already existing initiatives, including for example SENSORiS, JASPAR, and more.

The invitation to the activities hosted in the GENIVI AMM extends to any industry participant who would like to join

(blue star) Please see the GENIVI 2020 Virtual AMM Registration for a complete agenda. (blue star)

5. Follow-up W3C+GENIVI+industry seminar/workshop to organize project (November, planning)

  • Agenda will be influenced by the outcome of the AMM workshops.

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