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This collection/overview was prepared for Generic Communication Protocols Evaluation Project

The intention is not to overlap existing pages and there's a risk of duplication here.  But I was missing an overview and understanding since there are so many documentation locations. 
This overview will either make it easier to find, or maybe show a need for consolidation.

CommonAPI C++

  • 3 main bindings to commmunication technologies have been published:  D-Bus, SOME/IP, and WAMP. 
    (Possibly there have been others done inside companies)
  • The code common to each (Actual C++ API) is in the Core project
  • For each, there is a tools project (code generator) and a runtime project (target library containing common code for each binding)

(Core project or comm protocol)

Source code (Tools, i.e code generator)Documents (Tools)

GitHub Wiki
(Tools) a.k.a. GitHub-Pages
Source code (Runtime)Documents (Runtime)

GitHub Wiki (Runtime) a.k.a. GitHub-Pages


ASCIIDOC source:

Generated PDF:  README says to look at Releases (star)
Or to generate: run make in docx/ dir

→ Specification ~25 pages
→ User guide, ~45 pages

Wiki, containing: 

  • 10-minute tutorials
  • Documenting Address Translation details
    for D-Bus & SOME/IP bindings

GH-pages, containing:

  • Friendly CommonAPI C++ introduction
  • Overview design picture
  • Links to more information
capicxx-core-runtimeN/A - README says to look at toolsNot usedNot used

ASCIIDOC source:

Generated PDF:  README says to look at Releases (star)
Or to generate: run make in docx/ dir

→ User guide, ~8 pages

(green star) Refers to Core Wiki


  • Short Welcome with links
  • Download links to latest binaries
capicxx-dbus-runtime                           "Not usedNot used
SOME/IPcapicxx-someip-toolsASCIIDOC source:

Generated PDF:
Available in Releases (star)
(run make in docx/ dir)

(green star) Refers to Core Wiki

exactly like D-Bus above

capicxx-someip-runtime                          "Not usedNot used



Not usedNot usedcapicxx-wamp-runtimeTBDNot usedNot used

(star) Only user guide PDF generated here, not specification. 
Note that user guide is only generated for the Major/Minor releases, not for patch releases – if it seems to be missing, look for it in the most recent Major.Minor release.

(green star) For  describing the concept of the tools, all information was combined in the Core Wiki.  This is simpler and less duplication.  (WAMP project is not really tied in to this yet however)

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