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Simple Meeting Minutes, store them here in order:

Tuesday 24 March


  • Torsten, Giovanni


  • Nothing

Tuesday 21 January


  • Torsten, Klaus, Armando, Giovanni, Philippe
  • apologies: Marc


  • Philippe: Debrief CES2020
  • Philippe: there will be AMM somewhere around May, to be decided when/where
  • Thorsten: Released FARACON 1.0
  • Giovanni: Will continue investigate faracon issue 148
  • Philippe: need Marc's feedback about FARACON, Giovanni will contact him
  • Brain Storming about dissemination

Tuesday 10 December


  • Torsten, Marc, Giovannin Gunnar, Klaus, Philippe
  • apologies: Klaus, Armando


Modeling data & interfaces

Followup of BMW presentation on Franca+

  • question on BMW intent w.r.t. to publishing their Franca+ to arxml conversion tool forwarded to Klaus
  • Marc: reminds his question on how BMW manages the safety rules when performing this transformation


  • reminder /TODO/ all identify what are our targeted communties / projects / conferences for disseminating about FARACON and modeling data & interfaces

Tuesday 3 December


  • Gunnar, Klaus, Philippe
  • apologies: Giovanni, Armando, Torsten



  • Philippe: no news from BMW about their slide deck yet

continuation of last week's discussion on backlog carried over from Vehicle HAL project

  • Gunnar: presents a synthesis of his thoughts on modeling data and interfaces
  • Philippe: IMHO Gunnar's material could be the base for a conference paper (material will be shared in a later call)
  • Klaus: will be interested in presenting the FARACON tool in conferences
  • /TODO/ all identify what are our targeted conferences in Germany to start with

Tuesday 26 November


  • Giovanni, Torsten, Armando, Gunnar, Klaus, Marc, Stephen, Philippe



  • Philippe: pinged BMW about getting the slides, no update from Sebastian and Stefan, i.e. no slide deck received

  • Klaus: no update on github

  •  /TODO/ Philippe ping Markus Boje about its awareness about the Franca+ to arxml conversion tool developed by BMW (for AD+ADAS applications) and whether the publishing of this tool would be possible


  • Klaus: Itemis will take over the day2day maintenance of the FARACON tool
  • Philippe: Thanks !
  • Philippe: what about the new features / improvements ?
  • Giovanni: we need to make the project more visible, I will advertize the project within Visteon, I am working on a wiki page advertising the project
  • Armando: there is a lot of reorganization going on at Conti , I do not know how to contribute next year, big question mark for my participation
  • Marc: I will hand over the FARACON topic to the team who is responsible for the tools at Renault SW Labs, I will keep joining the GPRO call, I will have a meeting with the tool team leader this afternoon, FARACON is at the agenda
  • Stephen: I will advertize the tool within Renesas
  • Giovanni: I intend to advertize the tool in lindkedin as well
  • Torsten gives an update on the Fixed Size Arrays implemention in FARACON
  • Marc: ok, very good

Backlog carried over from Vehicle HAL project

  • Philippe reminds the backlog that GPRO could inherit from the Vehicle HAL project
    • Secure access control, e.g. in Some/IP for interfacing with Adaptive Autosar
    • Signal‐to‐Service translation (e.g. as specified in the upcoming Adaptive AutosarR19‐11)
    • analysis of impact on the architecture VFB++
    • use of DDS instead of Some/IP for interECUs communication
  • These topics have to be actived as soon as Adaptive Autosar R19-11 is published
  • Philippe: asks Gunnar to give an overview of the architectural concepts worked out by the Vehicle HAL project and explain how access control fits in there (for instance when using Some/IP as a transport protocol between ECUs)
  • Gunnar: the big picture is what is happening in several companies like the use of Franca and the interest in VSS from several participants of the tech summit
  • Gunnar: to start with I will  focus on VSS for the vehicle data model, I have experimented the translation from VSS to Franca to arxml, direct translation from VSSto arxml is also a way of doing things, we just need to write a new transformation tool
  • Gunnar: shows the various architectural design options that were debated and agreed at the tech summit - look at Vehicle HAL and vehicle level software system architectural concepts
  • Gunnar: short discusison on the positioning of DDS when used in the architectural concepts. We can have DDS on the Autosar side and Some/IP as well
  • Marc: question on the application layer in Android, which IDL is used ?
  • Gunnar: in the concept(s) we worjed out in the Vehicle HAL project, we use only the VSS database, VSS is the basis for defining signals, it is not the protocol
  • discussion on how VSS is used
  • archictural design proposals shown are fine for Marc, in archi proposal III (slide 14), are we reusing the Franca Common APIs there ?
  • Gunnar:  on the Android side, this is a full Android based architecture
  • Marc: IMHO the Generic Some/IP service has to be under the Vehicle HAL and not in the framework layer
  • Gunnar: this generic service is not hw related, it could be upper in the stack in my opinion
  • Gunnar: how to translate VSS on the protocol side is a topic for the GPRO project
  • Marc: would Google replace the vehicle properties by the VSS database ?
  • Marc: IMHO there 3 approaches to look at - how to handle complex data (e.g. using Some/IP), how to handle signals (using VSS), Android approach (vehicle properties)
  • Armando: VSS is not on our roadmap, but the dicsussion on archi concepts is interesting
  • Marc: it would be to get someone from the Adaptive Autosar at Renault in the disucssion
  • Marc: IMHO it is not so simple to translate Franca and CommonAPI into HIDL, we need to have something like a binding from CommonAPI to Java
  • discussion stops due to overtime, will continue next week

Thursday 21 November - FARACON


  • Marc, Torsten, Klaus, Gunnar, Giovanni, Philippe


  • Philippe: reminds the objective of the call which is to review of the tickets listed in the following Excel sheet and starts identifying who among project participants could implement some of these tickets
  • tickets 19/140/141/142
    • Marc: We learned this week that BMW has a tool to translate franca+ to arxml
    • Marc: there are 2 options, either translate the model into arxml (tool mentioned above) or serialize the transformation (Franca+ to Franca then Franca to arxml which is the FARACON tool), it would be good to have BMW contribute their franca+ to arxml converter, IMHO this is a mandatory tool
    • /TODO/ Philippe contact BMW to ask whether the BMW internal tool will be released in the open
    • discussion on access to artop: when compiling and building FARACAN, you need to be online to access Artop plug-ins code
    • 4 days are estimated for ticket 19
    • no estimation at this step for tickets 140/141/142
  • tickets added
    • missing improvement: alignment with latest R19-11 Autosar meta-model
    • missing improvement: alignment with CppImplementationDataType of Adaptive Autosar, we need to check whether using the ImplementationDataType of Autosar causes a problem with our FARACON tool
    • Marc checked the Tier 1 tool (code generator) uses actually the ImplementationDataType and not the CppImplementationDataType
  • how to modify the FARACON tool
    • Torsten: the SW design document of FARACON is missing although the general structure is quite obvious from the repo structure
    • Gunnar: is usage doc not fully written yet ?
    • Torsten: recommendation is to use faracon -h
    • Marc: do we have an example page ?
    • Torsten: the examples are in the test cases
    • Marc: the real important thing is to get examples, if everything is in the unitary tests, this is fine
    • Gunnar: how to do the FARACON tool day2day maintenance,  i.e. handling pull requests ? there is a pull request of 24 October to be checked
    • Klaus: Itemis will check it

Tuesday 19 November - Franca+ presentation


  • Giovanni, Klaus, Marc, Torsten, Mohammed Hashem (Continental), Stefan (BMW), Sebastian (BMW)
  • Stefan sw architect at BMW
  • Sebastian sw architect at BMW, took over Bernhard Hennlich work


  • Stefan presents the following slide deck (to be uploaded)
  • Gunnar: is yamaica tool still alive ?
  • Stefan: you need to check with Manfred Bathelt about this
  • Marc: is franca+ relevant for Classic Autosar ?
  • Stefan: yes, although currently the tool chain translates only to Adaptive Autosar
  • Stefan: BMW has its own tool to translate franca+ to arxml, we do not use common api
  • Stefan: the CRETA box on the slide showing our tool chain is an internal BMW database storing all the (architecture ?) information
  • Philippe: how this work relates to Autosar VFB++ concept ?
  • Stefan: I do not know because our work on franca+ is about to reach production on autonomous vehicles and ADAS systems, it is feature complete, and VFB++ was not in scope of our tool project
  • /TODO/ Philippe add a new work item in GPRO backlog: look at vfb++ and determine how it relates to franca+
  • discussion on open sourcing some of the work done by BMW on franca+, followup between itemis and bmw
  • discussion on the DSL
  • a more detailed review of the DSL component would be the next step, once we got the slides from BMW and the link to the repo

22 October



FARACON final prioritization

Torsten goes through the proposed priority of remaining tickets (see attached matrix) to plan the last sprint week.

CI system:

Gunnar: I am still concerned this is not connected to public visibility, especially for future community maintenance, testing pull-requests, etc.  I asked for this early on.
Torsten: There is another ticket to fix this for Travis in the priority list.
Klaus: But it is still difficult (to get value out of) Travis since the ARTOP part of the software is not public.
Gunnar: Understood.  Still, setting something up that protects the input artifacts but reports the result of the build testing... (has value).

Continuing through list...

Constants - not (fully) implemented.
Torsten: This is a "nice to have" feature.

Specify directory for Include directory?
Torsten: This is not implemented, every included file needs to be specified as input. There is no difference between input and included files.

Gunnar: That means everything in every input file is converted?
Gunnar: You might have for example a large database of common datatypes in one file, but only some of them are used in this conversion. A conversion
could include only what is referenced...
Torsten: I can't see that is a problem. Just ignore what you do not use.
Gunnar: OK, I understand this would be a major redesign. So let's move on.

(Gunnar: (added offline) - that everything in every specified file is converted is actually more of an issue because since there is no smart resolving of included things the user has to figure out the whole dependency tree manually, and specify those files.

Can we have Itemis focus on ARTOP related things?  These are more difficult for community to add?

Torsten: Is this priority OK?
Gunnar: What can be done by community and what must be done by Itemis?

Torsten: #42 AND #9 are related to ARTOP.
(42 and 9 are about P2 publication)

...Discussion about how P2 repo could be independent of ARTOP
Torsten: FARACON makes use of Artop calls. Might of course be possible to derive
some understanding of Artop by reading it.
Torsten: The user must install ARTOP manually.
...Basically the program will not install if the dependencies are not met

Armando: I will check if someone can take care of the P2 creation organization.

Some plugins are missing in the current P2...

Conclusion:  42 and 9, let's keep this priority - this could maybe be done with community input

Torsten: How important are #87 and #111 (support constants).

Armando: At the moment not a strong priority for us.

Giovanni: We found this was not supported, but we managed.

Gunnar: Any feedback from Marc on this? 
(No one Marc raising this as a problem).

Gunnar: Community input must be guiding here, although I in principle do not like leaving out a basic type in the conversion.
Torsten:... and we have partly started constant implementation which means it would be nice to finish it too.

We agreed, to keep constants on low priority.

Armando asks about the status of getting Franca Plus discussion going.


17 September


  • presentation of the new FARA tool release
  • SomeIP on Android: follow up of call with AA SIG
  • AOB

10 September


  • presentation of the new FARA tool release
  • AOB

3 September

Attendees: Michael (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis), Armando (Conti), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar, Philippe

apologies: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault), 

  • Overview of AA SIG Vehicle Data APIs
    • Gunnar delivers a short overview of the discussion on software architecture for a system that would include Android Auto and Adaptive Autosar. Giovanni, Marc (+1 colleague from Renault) attended the call
      • for more information please look at the minutes of the call
      • this topic is expected to be discussed offline this week in order to prepare for the next AA SIG Vehicle Data APIs call
      • /TODO/ Marc & Giovanni - review those minutes and prepare feedback before 10 September, thanks !
  • FARA tool project update
    • Torsten provides an update on the roadmap for the FARA tool releases
    • New release will be presented at next week's GPRO call on 10 September
    • Armando: Conti might use the FARA tool to build their own conversion tool
    • Torsten: asks for any improvement of the FARA tool identified by Conti
    • Armando: we still need to clarify the (open source) license side of things
    • Gunnar/Philippe: we expect Conti to do some testing of the tool and provide feedback, we do need to know about the models used for the testing, we just need to know about the findings

27 August

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault), Michael (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis), Gunnar, Philippe

apologies: Armando (Conti),

  • review of slides for the AA SIG about SomeIP on Android (slide deck version attached is the revised version for the AA SIG)
  • Marc: Android does not do dynamic services discovery, would be good to add a recap of what Android does and does not do
  • discussion on Android layered architecture
  • slide 12: option 3 is overlapping with AASIG Vehicle Data API (VSS) and should not be presented at this step
  • TODO create a backlog for SomeIP activities in GPRO in Jira

13 August

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Michael (Itemis), Klaus (Itemis), Philippe

apologies: Torsten (vacation), Armando (Conti),

  • SomeIP on Android
    • Giovanni will create the page and populate it with outcome of discussions that happened in particular at the last AMM
    • Philippe: would like to share  the GPRO inputs on this topic with the AA SIG project
    • /TODO/ Giovanni prepare a short slide deck presenting the inputs gathered by GPRO on SomeIP on Android for Tuesday 27 August (when next AA SIG all-hands call is scheduled)
  • FARA tool testing
    • Visteon provided test results last week
    • Klaus: it is very valuable to have these
    • Giovanni: outcome of the tool execution was good, the tool never crashed w/o any reason
    • Klaus: most fails correspond to things not implemented yet
    • Giovanni: will fix all non-importable files
    • Klaus: next time you will likely test a new version of the tool with more things implemented
    • Michael: will provide an update in master solving the (long) duration issue
  • AOB
    • Philippe will be OOO next week

6 August

Attendees: Giovanni, Michael (Itemis), Armando (Conti), Philippe

apologies: Torsten (vacation)

  • Philippe: provided information about AASIG projects in general (platform project, vehicle data apis project, GAS project)
  • Philippe: reminded that SomeIP on Android is an important topic; it would be good to get a better understanding of the landscape (who is doing what, are there open source projects working on it . are there proprietary implementation in-progress ?
  • /TODO/ Giovanni create a wiki page to gather inputs on SomeIP on Android
  • Giovanni: I have a colleague working on Android, I will join the next AASIG pleanry call (on Tuesday 27 August)
  • AOB
    • Armando confirmed one of his colleagues has started trying out the command line version of the FARA tool

30 July

Attendees: Klaus, Torsten, Michael (Itemis), Armando (Conti), Philippe

  • Philippe: provided information about AASIG vehicle data api subproject & upcoming F2F scheduled in the Fall, he provided also update about the coordination with AUTOSAR (Steve will join the upcoming Autosar Steering Committee of September to discuss a possible working mode)
  • Philippe: highlights Vector's recent announcement - Interaction: PREEvision and AUTOSAR Adaptive +++ Under control: ADAS sensor data
  • Itemis: said it would good to have users of the Vector toolchain use our FARA generator, this would apply also to the EB tool chain, it is importznt to chec the transformation with other generators' behavior
  • Itemis: Renault and Conti could help with this respect since they both have access to the EB toolchain
  • followed by a discussion on the  trying out the tool by Conti, Conti will do that

23 July

Attendees: Klaus, Torsten, Michael (Itemis), Armando (Conti), Philippe

  • Klaus indicates that a new Itemis developer (Michael) was added to the team for 6 weeks, this will enable the last 2 releases to be done a couple of weeks earlier
  • Klaus delivers a short report on last week's demo: the core functionalities were there, there is still a couple of more features that need to be implemented
  • Philippe: asks Armando whether Conti intends to use the tool
  • Armando: yes this is the plan, we intend to do a couple of transformations
  • Klaus resends the link to the instructions for building the tool: franca_ara_tools/wiki/FARACON-Developer-Guide#how-to-build-the-command-line-tool-from-source repository

16 July

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon) Torsten (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Armando (Conti), Gunnar

apologies: Philippe

  • call was dedicated to the demo of the first (command line) version of the transformation tool
  • reminder: project repo is on github there 
  • how to build the command line tool is there

09 July

Attendees: Torsten (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Armando (Conti), Philippe

apologies: Klaus (Itemis), Gunnar

  • Marc asked what had been discussed in the previous GPRO meeting which he couldn't join.
  • Armando and Torsten gave him a summary (i.e., mentioning eCal and the mapping analysis of the CommonAPI deployment).
  • Then Marc asked for the current status of the faracon tool development.
    • Demo of the first (command line) version of the faracon tool is scheduled on Tuesday 16 July  as part of the weekly GPRO call (because both Gunnar and Philippe are not available for the weekly scrum call on Thursday this week)
  • Torsten asked Marc for background information about the elimination of the metaclass 'ImplementationDataTypeExtension' which is not available in the latest AUTOSAR version any longer. We use this metaclass currently in the faracon converter implementation and have to adapt it due to the eliminated metaclass in a proper way.
  • Armando was given the links to the mapping analysis working documents
  • vacation plan: Marc will be OOO for 4 weeks starting next week, Philippe will OOO next week
  • reminder: project repo is on github there 

02 July

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Philippe, Gunnar, Armando (Conti), Klaus (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis)


  • Armando: brief intro to eCal, eCal was intended for predevelopment at Conti, will be largely used at Conti for prototyping, not for production, IMHO there is no overlap with CommonAPI
  • Gunnar: it is worth noting that eCal implements its own serialization
  • (added offline) Philippe: a former Conti colleague reported that eCal enabled him to send big objects over the network which was not possible with Some IP
  • we expect to have a presentation on eCal delivered to us
    • /TODO/ Armando contact the eCal maintainer for a presentation

Mapping analysis

  • Klaus: we got info about the deployment files from Christopher, we were able to add mapping tables and extend them, we plan to extend these tables to the deployment of json on vsomeip or Autosar middleware

Artop license 

  • Gunnar: said IANAL but I analyzed the Artop plugins license, will prepare one slide presenting the Artop license compliance question

25 June

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Philippe, Gunnar, Marc (Renault), Armando (Conti), Guru (Bosch), Klaus (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis)

Philippe: summary of last Fara2 call
Thorsten: Update on test implementation strategy -> name of java unit test reflect line in mapping table Mapping_ARA2Franca
naming of the tool: faracon
all: update the command line proposal options

Philippe: Android activities in this team
Gunnar: presenting list of possible hw/emulator options for Android
Marc & Gunnar: porting SOME/IP in Android is important topic

Gunnar: Artop license analysis discussion
Philippe: must bring this discussion to autosar
Klaus: dependencies to artop may be optional and be excluded from travis build. you have to accept the ARSL

Topics for next week:

Klaus: Mapping table of SOME/IP deployment data -> need data from arxml that containts deployment info

Philippe: Rationale for eCal

18 June - CANCELED

11 June

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Philippe, Gunnar, Torsten (Itemis), Armando (Conti)

Apologies from Marc and Klaus

Torsten: artop website works again

Gunnar: reviewing the whitepaper, moved the Franca+ page

Giovanni: almost done with setup for testing the FARA tool in CI (Jenkins + QEMU), need to find a functional test strategy

06 June

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Philippe, Gunnar, Klaus (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Armando (Conti), Guru (Bosch), Stephen (Renesas)

Philippe: Need to present the Autosar Demo to the AUTOSAR team somewhere in 19th/20th June. 1 hour (20 mins motivation + 40 minutes deep dive)

Klaus: There is not direct need now to add Franca+ model in FARA, but would be good a further investigation. franca_plus/tree/master/documentation repository

Armando: Would be useful for Autosar Classic. But there is Ionas project.

Marc: would be good to make a specific call including Jurgen in order to clear out the capi/fdepl specs.

Marc shared insights from safety for FARA:

  • check the tool impact and how to detect and identify possible errors and consequences
  • in ISO26262 there is a chapter for good practices for such kind of tools

1/ List risks of wrong conversion and identify how to detect it
2/ Log what happens inside the tool
3/ Alignement between reqs (dico) and code of the tool (traceability)
4/ Unitary test for complete coverage
5/ safety manual that make transparent the potential risks

mitigation --> round trip conversion (FIDL -> ARXML -> FIDL check)
cannot be done for all elements but good first approach (not costly)

finally a human check has to be introduced in the complete chain of safety trust. This is what we can claim.

Philippe, Klaus: Need to find non-expensive ways to test the tool for safety, since is not in the scope now and therefore is not budgeted.

28 May

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Armando (Conti), Philippe, Gunnar

Giovanni, Gunnar: It would be good to have an analysis if Franca+ model is useful for Franca/ARA translation.

Need to reorganize Franca+ project, starting from the wiki.

Philippe: Shared the FARA roadmap, beginning of July should be available 1st release.

Gunnar: Will take care of the publication of the whitepaper

21 May

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Torsten (Itemis), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar

Klaus: will kickoff the franca/ara stage 2 on thursday
Marc proposal topics:
- safety management topics
- test strategy (including coverage)

Things we could focus on in the (near) future as outcome of the discussions during the Franca/Aracom workshop:

1- Follow up near production level tool (formalize testing, etc..)
( plan, when tool will be delivered, etc...)

2- Tool to generate vsomeip.json from fdepl / In general, deployement alignment

3- Franca Plus support for the tool. Gunnar: Franca+ looks stalled, we need progress there.
Klaus: Franca+ model need to accomodate more wishes and needs from the industry.
Conti and Visteon will come back with wishlist of additions to the Franca+ model.
Klaus: Franca+ could be merged in Franca tools.

4- Android support
Need to understand if there is a need and wish for SOA in android.
Do we want to expose the SOA api to the java/kotlin world?
Investigation of current messaging/communication approaches in Android (aidl, hidl, etc...)
- use case: take access to vehicle signal from 3rd party app
- use case: proprietary java app running in android without exposing the api (e.g. CES 2019) *
- use case: take advantage of MIPS on android (push capi++)
e.g. take GENIVI DEMO CES 2019 and redoit for Android HMI

23 April 

Attendees: Visteon, Renault, Bosch, Continental (new participant), Renesas, Gunnar, Philippe

  • apologies: Itemis, ITK
  • Gunnar and Marc reported on their discussion on how to generate the vsomeip.json files from the deployment files, they will look into available tools if any
  • roundtable when Armando (Conti) joins
  • discussion on possible Conti contribution to the testing of the Stage 2 Franca-ARA transformation tool: unitary tests (test of the mapping analysis), use case based tests, run-time tests
    • mapping analysis is there
  • review of the draft slide deck prepared by Giovanni for the report on GPRO project status

16 April 

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Christopher (ITK), Stephen (Renesas), Gunnar, Philippe

  • Franca-ARA demo 
    • Gunnar: Showing Franca Demo for the 3rd time - what to do ? We should continue our focus on integration between multiple oses, i.e. by extending
    • the demo to other platform/OSes -> e.g. AGL Christopher: Ok for AGL & Android, but has to be a project. Suggest Renessas as hw platform.
    • Philippe: We need feedback if it's feasible in the time frame (1 month). Main thing is to port in AGL CommonAPI, Boost, Qt
    • Same applies for other OSes like WebOS or Apertis
  • AMM Franca-ARA workshop 
    • Marc: put in google doc the documents + started the presentation document
    • Philippe: we should target Friday 3rd of May to review the presentations
  • Franca/ARA stage 2 project 
    • Philippe: stage 2 will be funded.
    • Philippe: we had a good discussion with a new possible participant (Zonal Arch, Distributed Software Architecture). Need to talk with them about test cases.
    • For the acceptance testing, the mapping document from Marc and Klaus can become a specification,
    • mapping analysis is there
    • Marc and Giovanni have to provide very short text about the testing approach
    • We would like to engage the community in the runtime testing of Stage 2.
  • AOB
    • Marc: safety, certify the transformation tool w.r.t. ISO26262
    • how the tool would fit with Franca+?
    • these topics will be discussed in the next weeks

from 26 February to 9 April 

the following topics were discussed during this period

  • Franca-ARA tooling Stage 2
    • discussion tooling tryout - levels of engagement
      • simple tool code review
      • test the tool with internal use cases and provide feedback
      • try to integrate the tool in the company process and provide regular feedbacks
    • Market relevance for Franca-ARA tooling: report from each participant on which tests they intend to perform
  • Preparation of Renesas ERCC event (14 March)
    • mainly logistics
  • AMM workshop content
    • Klaus and Marc elaborated the workshop content and allocated workitems to presenters during the period

19 February

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar

apologies: Philippe

  • Klaus: proposed agenda for the working session ara-franca and sent to Gunnar and Philippe
  • opensourcing EB Solys tooling
    • providing unified tracing tool with shows the data in the messages in model level, dlt...
  • contact bmw capi team (Gunnar will contact Jurgen) 90-100 minutes short presentation + discussion confirm of overall duration of the slot (we can add more q&a and reach 120 minutes)
  • Marc: dedicated call Marc and Klaus to refine the presentations
  • draft agenda (overall: 100 minutes): - introduction / overall concept (transformations, runtime architecture) - mapping Franca / ARA - model-level tooling - current state and usage - discussion / Q&A model-level - demonstrator - from CES to AMM - discussion: impact on CommonAPI - tracing with EB solys - wrap-up / next steps
  • Marc wrote detailed analysis about autosar-commonapi taken as input to be discuss with Jurgen, but need confirmation from Renault need to address further discussion the impact on commonapi topic (missing features/mismatches
  • Marc: request to don't be the last slot of the day
  • question: where do we publish the ara-franca mapping? (export xls sheets from google drive?) answer?: split the working document (google docs) from the published document. make snapshots of the working document into the wiki (need confirmation from Marc). Klaus and Marc will arrange this.

12 February

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar,

  • link to the white paper:
  • white paper prepared by Giovanni (Visteon) was reviewed, paper is in very good shape,
  • Giovanni will add an intro
  • there is a significant piece of text on MQTT because MQTT was given high rank in the poll we did
  • Philippe: ROS and (Apolloi) cyberRT are there for the sake of completeness when covering the communication to Autonomous Vehicle subsystems.
  • Marc: ARA-COM is more important for the automotive industry
  • long discussion on the conclusion of the white paper, comments captured online by Giovanni
  • Gunnar: very positive about the conclusion
  • Philippe: we need to publish the franca-ara mapping analysis
  • Klaus: having the analysis spreadsheet in google docs helped a lot the interaction with Renault
  • Gunnar: one approach is to transform the spreadsheet into a wiki table for the publishing, we can keep the xls spreasheet for the day2day work
  • /TODO/ Klaus propose a way of publishing the Franca-ARA mapping analysis NEW
  • followed by a discussion on the change management of the mapping analysis doc w.r.t. ARA-COM specs evolution
  • Marc: there are evolutions of ARA-COM that will have an impact on CommonAPI and require changes there, not sure how this will happen
  • Gunnar: we will need to engage the CommonAPI maintainer
  • Philippe: we need also a pitch deck to present Stage 1 achievements because the tech brief describes more the work breakdown structure of Stage 1 and does not give hints on what was achieved, the pitch should also provide a list of known issues w.r.t. Franca & CommonAPI and ARA-COM
  • Philippe: we need to identify an owner for the preparation of this pitch
  • GPRO-related sessions for Spring AMM were discussed:
  • Philippe: suggests to have a workshop with Franca/Franca+ & CommonAPI guys
  • Klaus: it is likely we will have two different sessions
  • Gunnar: @Marc, can Renault talk about their work on connecting Franca & ARA-COM ?
  • Marc: will check this internally and let you know next week
  • /TODO/ Klaus contact Franca/Franca+ people about their participation to a Spring AMM session on Franca-ARA interop next steps
  • /TODO/ Gunnar contact CommonAPI maintainer about his participation to a Spring AMM session on CommonAPI-ARA interop

14 January to 5 February

Attendees: Marc (Renaul), Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis),Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • review of white paper

October 30 to date

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI), Christopher

  • scrum call for the CES 2019 showcase demo implementation

September 19 to October 23

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis),Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • preparation of the statement of work for the CES 2019 showcase demo implementation

September 11

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis), Christian (BMW), Marco (Mentor), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Review of the GPRO Poll Report - Giovanni will send an update this afternoon
  • Update about ARA::COM/CommonAPI from Philippe - conversation - Christian and GENIVI to take actions for CES demo

September 4

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI), Klaus (Itemis)

Apologies: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault) (vacation)

  • quick sync on Franca-ARA::COM showcase
  • Marc has a telco scheduled on Thursday with Adaptive Autosar people to discuss his findings on ARA::COM & CommonAPI

August 21

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • Everybody is unavailable or in vacation, reschedule to next week

August 14

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Guru (Bosch), Marc (Renault)

  • Conversation about ARA::COM/Franca integration

August 7

Attendees:  Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault)

  • Conversation about ARA::COM/Franca integration

July 31

Attendees: Philippe (GENIVI), Marc (Renault), Guru (Bosch), Christian (BMW), Klaus (Itemis)

  • Klaus presented the draft statement of work for the demonstrator development

July 24

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI), Marc (Renault)

  • Giovanni still working on the poll brochure using tech brief style
  • Philippe: asked Klaus to provide a consolidated version for the ARA/GENIVI project description
  • Philippe and Marc will arrange next steps for possible collaboration GENIVI/Renault

July 17

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Christian (BMW), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Gunnar: Giovanni to summarize the results of the poll and publish the result
    • → Feature matrix, technologies proposal
  • Klaus presents a proposal for an ARA/GENIVI demo. Will put document in a Google Doc.
  • PRIO1 is the Klaus' proposal implementation

July 10

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Guru (Bosh), Marco Residori

  • Discussion about the mapping between common api & Adaptive Autosar ara::com
  • No more activities [no more asking for answers] on the poll until we don't find new channels for publication
    • (clarification) (Gunnar): However, let's consider how to publish results ^^ see above.
  • Klaus: Philippe would like to showcase these technologies, we can speak about it during the next meeting
  • Discussion about possibility for Renault to showcase the technology possibly with a partner
  • Gunnar: we can setup a repository for extra franca validator to provide additional constraints 

July 3

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Need to move to next phases of the project - poll is done
  • Gunnar: Exploring further joynr collaboration
  • Giovanni: contribution to joynr is not a priority for Visteon, for now
  • Marc: would like to know Klaus opinion about his presentation

June 26

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Lionel (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Marco (Mentor), Guru (Bosch), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • presentation by Renault of mapping between common api & Adaptive Autosar ara::com
  • misc: Giovanni will contact BMW / joynr team

June 19

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Klaus (Itemis), Subramanian (Alpine), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (offline)

  • Poll results improving.  Need to push for some more answers though
  • FeatureIDE - documentation generation?
  • Is it useful to create a document with all protocols?
  • Giovanni: We should pick out a smaller group and focus on that
  • Marc: i agree, make a shortlist, then analyze based on the evaluation criteria.
  • Giovanni: Note that evaluation (such as performance) will depend on the implementation that is being measured.
  • Gunnar: Agreed, it can be done but must be carefully presented, if implementation is evaluated rather than the specification. 
  • Discussing state of IONAS project (2+ years back).  Not yet appropriate for large models.  Original designer from Fraunhofer institute agreed - it was brought to PoC status.  AR-XML may also have changed somewhat since then.  Some more (funded) work required. This seems useful for companies if their AUTOSAR+non-AUTOSAR parts would agree on strategy and provide some funding to move it forward.
  •  Klaus: Would like to develop a Franca Validator which can be set to warn about certain unsupported features (for this and also other transformations)
    • New user-defined tags feature will be in next Franca release

June 12

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Klaus (Itemis), Philippe R (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • poll results
    • 15 answers received
    • visteon x 3, harman x 1, bosch x 2, samsung, bmw, lge
    • 5 unknown contributors
  • inside vehicle
    • familiarity
      • json, dbus, and http/rest are the winners
      • mqtt, common api and franca are a little behind
    • invehicle importance
      • some ip, franca idl, json surprisingly
  • outside the vehicle
    • http, json, mqtt, franca idl
  • discussion on how to do the ranking
  • ara:com connection to franca ?
    • Marc: found a lot of non interopable issues between franca and ara::com (aka polymorphic)
    • Gunnar: do we need to select a subset ?
    • Marc: yes, possible but some developers might not be happy with it
    • we might consider going one level up in abstraction
    • Marc: ionas was a good approach, would be interesting to reactivate it for Autosar AP
  • /TODO/ Marc present the findings of Renault of the mapping between Franca and ara::com
  • /TODO/ Giovanni push the results of the poll
  • wrap-up
  • discussion on
  • /TODO/ Giovanni provide links to video and slide deck on visteon communication framework
  • /TODO/ contact joynr, Giovanni contact bmw joynr people (if this is allowed by visteon policy)
  • Next week
    • mapping between Franca and ara:com

June 5

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Edward (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Markus (Intel), Guru (Bosch), Philippe C (PSA), Philippe R (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • short review of poll results (ten answers received), poll is available here
  • Visteon communication framework presentation
  • Markus (Intel): how much do you want to defer on RPC&IPC development ? today we are still struggling with the idea of full transparency, and switching between local/remote (IPC vs RPC), BTW I am missing Corba as a candidate technology
  • Gunnar: No one added Corba to the list (We have asked throughout the project for people to propose additions).
  • Gunnar: Is it feasible to have a class/interface hierarchy like you propose [or are you finding mismatch when detailed differences between protocols leak through]
  • Giovanni: Yes, lots of issues.  A lot of things change among protocols, handling of the transport level software is not easy.
  • Markus: What about secure communications ?
  • Giovanni: For instance we are using TLS 1.2 for MQTT and HTTP/REST, we can also add encryption in the payload
  • Markus (Intel): Do you intend to record payloads / messages ?  For replaying / testing etc.
  • Giovanni: Yes, I think a special implementation of the transport component would handle that.  We connect to wireshark for instance
  • Gunnar: We need to check with JOYNR about joint development, possible alignment with Visteon framework.
  • Markus: Very interested in this approach, and how much I can customize it to my project. 
  • Giovanni: ...discussion about CommonAPI on top of... the RPC abstraction layer provided by this framework.
  • Gunnar: Interesting.  Worth looking at, contrasting this with the current approach.  There is supposedly a split (i.e. formal API) between the upper (C++ API part and core CommonAPI implementation) and lower library (backend/transport part), but even so the CommonAPI projects feel more like creating independent implementations of each CommonAPI backend.  There could be advantages to a simple independent approach too... worth investigating.  I believe at least the WAMP backend has a somewhat different implementation.
  • Next week
    • Review of poll results

May 29

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Edward (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • review of table of technologies & evaluation criteria
  • Giovanni: shows a spreadsheet to get participants inputs on which technologies are important to them (updated on line, Giovanni Vergine please share it, thanks
    • Giovanni supports for http
    • Marc:  we need to take into account two kinds of communication: inside the car and outside the car
    • Giovanni: agreed
    • look at the ranking spreadsheet
    • Marc: for the on-board segment, more and more people are expecting DDS
    • ara::com may not be what we want to move on with, but at the end we will have to communicate with it
    • how to reconciliate the various communication framework used by the auto induistry, use ara::com ?
    • discussion on iONAS (including shared memory oriented design)
    • short discussion on Dbus (Gunnar: mandatory for a linux system)
    • Giovanni: OS compatibility is an important evaluation criterion
    • discussion on flat buffers
    • discussion on wamp
      • mqtt likely more optimized on the binary format
    • discussion on REST, same as HTTP (same line in the spreadsheet))
    • Marc: how do we ensure someip is mature ?
    • discussion on interop testing for various someip implementation, thanks
  • next week
    • Giovanni: got the clearance to present the Visteon framework (not open source yet)

May 22


~4-5 people (I lost the list)


  • Giovanni Vergine

Discussed remaining technnologies, those that are yet without a presentation:

  • XMPP
  • Thrift 
  • Avro
  • D-Bus
  • ZeroMQ

Few people ready to give input today (move to list/survey).   

Votes for:

* D-Bus  1
* Thrift 1 
* ZeroMQ 1

Action Item for all:  Clarify which (if any) you want to be presented before we move on.

Some discussion about AUTOSAR compatibility.  Only clear thing seems to be continuation of AUTOSAR XML format for interface description.  The IONAS project a few years ago proved translation AR-XML/FIBEX/FRANCA.  It seems it needs an overhaul/update to work fully, it would be a logical next step.

May 15


Protocol comparison/characteristics using Feature Models



Klaus Birken presented feature modeling using Itemis modelling tool, (based on MPS) tool → View recording.

Discussion about MPS and FeatureIDE (free, Eclipse-based alternative, → GitHub)

Should we use such a tool and create a (meta)-model for our problem domain (i.e. comparing IPC/related technologies) and use it to fill in data,
... or shall we just use an Excel sheet matrix, with no additional features.

Klaus: I could make a limited version of MPS available for this project use only.

Marc Bellanger:  Still trying to understand how this helps us (compared to Excel sheet)...

...<more discussion>...

Gunnar: I feel that the document generation capability might be the strongest part.  If we can get that capability it could be worth it.

Marc: Where do we collect such information:

Gunnar: Start in GPRO project Wiki, then we can move to other format if we have useful info. 
There's a starting page I think we can reuse → Evaluation criteria for GPRO technologies

AI(Klaus): To check document capabilities of FeatureIDE.

AI(others): Add to Technical characteristics section of the criteria page.

May 8

Minutes TBD

AMM Week

Working session during Wednesday 18 April.

April 10, 2018

Project lead on vacation, and general AMM preparation meant that we cancelled the session.

April 3, 2018



Renault presented AUTOSAR ARA:COM

Discussions about potentials for reusing ARA:COM in on-AUTOSAR systems (to ensure interoperability with AUTOSAR systems). 
License considerations and technical considerations.
We concluded by saying it opens up a lot of interesting discussion but it would need a more focused opportunity to have that discussion.

March 27, 2018


David (Renault)

Joonhyung (lge)

Giovanni (visteon)

Philippe (genivi)

Subramanian (alpine)

Edward (renault)

Gunnar (genivi)

Guru (Bosch)

Marc (Renault)


discussion on the next steps, it is proposed to schedule a presentation of Adaptive Autosar ARA::COM based on the published specifications.

March 20, 2018


Giovanni Vergine (Visteon)

Subramanian (Alpine)

philippe (Genivi)

Marco Residori (Mentor)

Gunnar Andersson (Genivi)

Manuel Schiller (BMW)

Joonhyung Kim (LGE)

Klaus Birken (itemis)

Stephen Lawrence (Renesas)


Manuel presents JOYNR service framework presentation (BMW) (somewhat related to comm protocols)

To Be Completed

March 13, 2018

Meeting skipped due to conflict with Graphics Sharing / RAMSES workshop

March 6, 2018


Giovanni Vergine 
Subramanian Dhandapani
Gunnar Andersson
Christian Shulenberg
Marco Residori


Subramanian presented AMQP protocol

Future planning:

13 March meeting is skipped

20 March - joynr presentation (BMW)

February 27, 2018


Giovanni Vergine
Philippe Robin
Gunnar Andersson
Marco Residori
Stephen Lawrence
Joonhyung Kim
Juergen Gehring


Gunnar presented CommonAPI C++

February 20, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Philippe Robin
Christian Shulenberg
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Gunnar A, GENIVI
Klaus Birken
Guru, Bosch
Marco Residori, Mentor


Guru presented SOME/IP

Klaus insight about usage of SOME/IP in CommonAPI

General discussion about SOME/IP

Albert available for a deep dive on WAMP

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

27th February - Gunnar presents CommonAPI for C and C++

6th of March - Subramanian presents AMQP

February 13, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Philippe Robin
Amine Hamed
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Gunnar A, GENIVI
Klaus Birken


Giovanni presented Flatbuffers and MsgPack

Klaus insight about usage of MsgPack in WAMP.

Gunnar propose to include Cap'n'Proto in the list

Amine will kick off the benchmark strategy

Group different technologies by use cases in wiki page

Compare them

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

20th Feb SOME/IP, Guru (need confirmation)

February 6, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Marco Residori, Mentor
Amine Aouled Hamed
Guru, Bosch
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Philippe C, PSA
Subramanian, Alpine
Gunnar A, GENIVI


Marco presented MQTT, implementations, comparisons

Discussion, thoughts and more comparison.

Franca to MQTT mapping? Not a perfect fit... -> Let's ask Klaus for comments on his previous experience

Looking for benchmark & comparison of protocols for the future. Agreed.

Most likely we can look for and find previous work on this.

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

13 Feb MsgPack & Flatbuffers, Giovanni

20th Feb SOME/IP, Guru

January 30, 2018


Giovanni Vergine
Philippe Robin
Gianpaolo Macario
Gunnar Andersson
Klaus Birken
Marco Residori
Philippe C.


Presentation/discussion on HTTP, REST, JSON and CoAP.

The session was recorded

See slides and recording on the GPRO - Presentations Materials page.

January 23, 2018


Philippe Robin
Giovanni Vergine
Marco Residori
Philippe C
Klaus Birken
Christian Shulenberg
Gianpaolo Macario
Gunnar Andersson


- Klaus gave a quick introduction of Franca v0.12.0
- Klaus gave an introduction of FrancaPlus
- Klaus and Philippe gave an introduction of WAMP and capixx-wamp
- AI: Marco will look probably MQTT for 6th February - need confirmation
- AI: (all): Add some point(s) to the "polling questions" web page.

January 16, 2018

Philippe Robin
Giovanni Vergine
Marco Residori
Philippe C


- AI: Marco will look, probably MQTT
- Philippe C, will plan an introduction to WAMP.
- Guru will present SOME-IP intro
- AI (all): Add some point(s) to the "Requirements" (important characteristics) web page.
- Giovanni reminds, we should make a poll to companies.
- AI(Giovanni): Create placeholder for polling questions. 
- AI(all): Add to polling question.  (Giovanni send reminder email in a few days)

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