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Simple Meeting Minutes, store them here in order:

12 February

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar, Philippe

link to the white paper:
white paper prepared by Giovanni (Visteon) was reviewed, paper is in very good shape,
Giovanni will add an intro
there is a significant piece of text on MQTT because MQTT was given high rank in the poll we did
Philippe: ROS and (Apolloi) cyberRT are there for the sake of completeness when covering the communication to Autonomous Vehicle subsystems.
Marc: ARA-COM is more important for the automotive industry
long discussion on the conclusion of the white paper, comments captured online by Giovanni
Gunnar: very positive about the conclusion

Philippe: we need to publish the franca-ara mapping analysis
Klaus: having the analysis spreadsheet in google docs helped a lot the interaction with Renault
Gunnar: one approach is to transform the spreadsheet into a wiki table for the publishing, we can keep the xls spreasheet for the day2day work

/TODO/ Klaus propose a way of publishing the Franca-ARA mapping analysis NEW

followed by a discussion on the change management of the mapping analysis doc w.r.t. ARA-COM specs evolution
Marc: there are evolutions of ARA-COM that will have an impact on CommonAPI and require changes there, not sure how this will happen
Gunnar: we will need to engage the CommonAPI maintainer

Philippe: we need also a pitch deck to present Stage 1 achievements because the tech brief describes more the work breakdown structure of Stage 1 and does not give hints on what was achieved, the pitch should also provide a list of known issues w.r.t. Franca & CommonAPI and ARA-COM
Philippe: we need to identify an owner for the preparation of this pitch

GPRO-related sessions for Spring AMM were discussed:
Philippe: suggests to have a workshop with Franca/Franca+ & CommonAPI guys
Klaus: it is likely we will have two different sessions
Gunnar: @Marc, can Renault talk about their work on connecting Franca & ARA-COM ?
Marc: will check this internally and let you know next week

/TODO/ Klaus contact Franca/Franca+ people about their participation to a Spring AMM session on Franca-ARA interop next steps

/TODO/ Gunnar contact CommonAPI maintainer about his participation to a Spring AMM session on CommonAPI-ARA interop

14 January to 5 February

Attendees: Marc (Renaul), Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis),Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • review of white paper

October 30 to date

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI), Christopher

  • scrum call for the CES 2019 showcase demo implementation

September 19 to October 23

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis),Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • preparation of the statement of work for the CES 2019 showcase demo implementation

September 11

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Giovanni (Visteon), Klaus (Itemis), Christian (BMW), Marco (Mentor), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Review of the GPRO Poll Report - Giovanni will send an update this afternoon
  • Update about ARA::COM/CommonAPI from Philippe - conversation - Christian and GENIVI to take actions for CES demo

September 4

Attendees: Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI), Klaus (Itemis)

Apologies: Giovanni (Visteon), Marc (Renault) (vacation)

  • quick sync on Franca-ARA::COM showcase
  • Marc has a telco scheduled on Thursday with Adaptive Autosar people to discuss his findings on ARA::COM & CommonAPI

August 21

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • Everybody is unavailable or in vacation, reschedule to next week

August 14

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Guru (Bosch), Marc (Renault)

  • Conversation about ARA::COM/Franca integration

August 7

Attendees:  Klaus (Itemis), Marc (Renault)

  • Conversation about ARA::COM/Franca integration

July 31

Attendees: Philippe (GENIVI), Marc (Renault), Guru (Bosch), Christian (BMW), Klaus (Itemis)

  • Klaus presented the draft statement of work for the demonstrator development

July 24

Attendees: Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI), Marc (Renault)

  • Giovanni still working on the poll brochure using tech brief style
  • Philippe: asked Klaus to provide a consolidated version for the ARA/GENIVI project description
  • Philippe and Marc will arrange next steps for possible collaboration GENIVI/Renault

July 17

Attendees: Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Christian (BMW), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Gunnar: Giovanni to summarize the results of the poll and publish the result
    • → Feature matrix, technologies proposal
  • Klaus presents a proposal for an ARA/GENIVI demo. Will put document in a Google Doc.
  • PRIO1 is the Klaus' proposal implementation

July 10

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Guru (Bosh), Marco Residori

  • Discussion about the mapping between common api & Adaptive Autosar ara::com
  • No more activities [no more asking for answers] on the poll until we don't find new channels for publication
    • (clarification) (Gunnar): However, let's consider how to publish results ^^ see above.
  • Klaus: Philippe would like to showcase these technologies, we can speak about it during the next meeting
  • Discussion about possibility for Renault to showcase the technology possibly with a partner
  • Gunnar: we can setup a repository for extra franca validator to provide additional constraints 

July 3

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Klaus (Itemis), Giovanni (Visteon), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • Need to move to next phases of the project - poll is done
  • Gunnar: Exploring further joynr collaboration
  • Giovanni: contribution to joynr is not a priority for Visteon, for now
  • Marc: would like to know Klaus opinion about his presentation

June 26

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Lionel (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Marco (Mentor), Guru (Bosch), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (GENIVI)

  • presentation by Renault of mapping between common api & Adaptive Autosar ara::com
  • misc: Giovanni will contact BMW / joynr team

June 19

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Klaus (Itemis), Subramanian (Alpine), Gunnar (GENIVI), Philippe (offline)

  • Poll results improving.  Need to push for some more answers though
  • FeatureIDE - documentation generation?
  • Is it useful to create a document with all protocols?
  • Giovanni: We should pick out a smaller group and focus on that
  • Marc: i agree, make a shortlist, then analyze based on the evaluation criteria.
  • Giovanni: Note that evaluation (such as performance) will depend on the implementation that is being measured.
  • Gunnar: Agreed, it can be done but must be carefully presented, if implementation is evaluated rather than the specification. 
  • Discussing state of IONAS project (2+ years back).  Not yet appropriate for large models.  Original designer from Fraunhofer institute agreed - it was brought to PoC status.  AR-XML may also have changed somewhat since then.  Some more (funded) work required. This seems useful for companies if their AUTOSAR+non-AUTOSAR parts would agree on strategy and provide some funding to move it forward.
  •  Klaus: Would like to develop a Franca Validator which can be set to warn about certain unsupported features (for this and also other transformations)
    • New user-defined tags feature will be in next Franca release

June 12

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Klaus (Itemis), Philippe R (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • poll results
    • 15 answers received
    • visteon x 3, harman x 1, bosch x 2, samsung, bmw, lge
    • 5 unknown contributors
  • inside vehicle
    • familiarity
      • json, dbus, and http/rest are the winners
      • mqtt, common api and franca are a little behind
    • invehicle importance
      • some ip, franca idl, json surprisingly
  • outside the vehicle
    • http, json, mqtt, franca idl
  • discussion on how to do the ranking
  • ara:com connection to franca ?
    • Marc: found a lot of non interopable issues between franca and ara::com (aka polymorphic)
    • Gunnar: do we need to select a subset ?
    • Marc: yes, possible but some developers might not be happy with it
    • we might consider going one level up in abstraction
    • Marc: ionas was a good approach, would be interesting to reactivate it for Autosar AP
  • /TODO/ Marc present the findings of Renault of the mapping between Franca and ara::com
  • /TODO/ Giovanni push the results of the poll
  • wrap-up
  • discussion on
  • /TODO/ Giovanni provide links to video and slide deck on visteon communication framework
  • /TODO/ contact joynr, Giovanni contact bmw joynr people (if this is allowed by visteon policy)
  • Next week
    • mapping between Franca and ara:com

June 5

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Edward (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Markus (Intel), Guru (Bosch), Philippe C (PSA), Philippe R (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • short review of poll results (ten answers received), poll is available here
  • Visteon communication framework presentation
  • Markus (Intel): how much do you want to defer on RPC&IPC development ? today we are still struggling with the idea of full transparency, and switching between local/remote (IPC vs RPC), BTW I am missing Corba as a candidate technology
  • Gunnar: No one added Corba to the list (We have asked throughout the project for people to propose additions).
  • Gunnar: Is it feasible to have a class/interface hierarchy like you propose [or are you finding mismatch when detailed differences between protocols leak through]
  • Giovanni: Yes, lots of issues.  A lot of things change among protocols, handling of the transport level software is not easy.
  • Markus: What about secure communications ?
  • Giovanni: For instance we are using TLS 1.2 for MQTT and HTTP/REST, we can also add encryption in the payload
  • Markus (Intel): Do you intend to record payloads / messages ?  For replaying / testing etc.
  • Giovanni: Yes, I think a special implementation of the transport component would handle that.  We connect to wireshark for instance
  • Gunnar: We need to check with JOYNR about joint development, possible alignment with Visteon framework.
  • Markus: Very interested in this approach, and how much I can customize it to my project. 
  • Giovanni: ...discussion about CommonAPI on top of... the RPC abstraction layer provided by this framework.
  • Gunnar: Interesting.  Worth looking at, contrasting this with the current approach.  There is supposedly a split (i.e. formal API) between the upper (C++ API part and core CommonAPI implementation) and lower library (backend/transport part), but even so the CommonAPI projects feel more like creating independent implementations of each CommonAPI backend.  There could be advantages to a simple independent approach too... worth investigating.  I believe at least the WAMP backend has a somewhat different implementation.
  • Next week
    • Review of poll results

May 29

Attendees: Marc (Renault), Edward (Renault), Giovanni (Visteon), Guru (Bosch), Philippe (GENIVI), Gunnar (GENIVI)

  • review of table of technologies & evaluation criteria
  • Giovanni: shows a spreadsheet to get participants inputs on which technologies are important to them (updated on line, Giovanni Vergine please share it, thanks
    • Giovanni supports for http
    • Marc:  we need to take into account two kinds of communication: inside the car and outside the car
    • Giovanni: agreed
    • look at the ranking spreadsheet
    • Marc: for the on-board segment, more and more people are expecting DDS
    • ara::com may not be what we want to move on with, but at the end we will have to communicate with it
    • how to reconciliate the various communication framework used by the auto induistry, use ara::com ?
    • discussion on iONAS (including shared memory oriented design)
    • short discussion on Dbus (Gunnar: mandatory for a linux system)
    • Giovanni: OS compatibility is an important evaluation criterion
    • discussion on flat buffers
    • discussion on wamp
      • mqtt likely more optimized on the binary format
    • discussion on REST, same as HTTP (same line in the spreadsheet))
    • Marc: how do we ensure someip is mature ?
    • discussion on interop testing for various someip implementation, thanks
  • next week
    • Giovanni: got the clearance to present the Visteon framework (not open source yet)

May 22


~4-5 people (I lost the list)


  • Giovanni Vergine

Discussed remaining technnologies, those that are yet without a presentation:

  • XMPP
  • Thrift 
  • Avro
  • D-Bus
  • ZeroMQ

Few people ready to give input today (move to list/survey).   

Votes for:

* D-Bus  1
* Thrift 1 
* ZeroMQ 1

Action Item for all:  Clarify which (if any) you want to be presented before we move on.

Some discussion about AUTOSAR compatibility.  Only clear thing seems to be continuation of AUTOSAR XML format for interface description.  The IONAS project a few years ago proved translation AR-XML/FIBEX/FRANCA.  It seems it needs an overhaul/update to work fully, it would be a logical next step.

May 15


Protocol comparison/characteristics using Feature Models



Klaus Birken presented feature modeling using Itemis modelling tool, (based on MPS) tool → View recording.

Discussion about MPS and FeatureIDE (free, Eclipse-based alternative, → GitHub)

Should we use such a tool and create a (meta)-model for our problem domain (i.e. comparing IPC/related technologies) and use it to fill in data,
... or shall we just use an Excel sheet matrix, with no additional features.

Klaus: I could make a limited version of MPS available for this project use only.

Marc Bellanger:  Still trying to understand how this helps us (compared to Excel sheet)...

...<more discussion>...

Gunnar: I feel that the document generation capability might be the strongest part.  If we can get that capability it could be worth it.

Marc: Where do we collect such information:

Gunnar: Start in GPRO project Wiki, then we can move to other format if we have useful info. 
There's a starting page I think we can reuse → Evaluation criteria for GPRO technologies

AI(Klaus): To check document capabilities of FeatureIDE.

AI(others): Add to Technical characteristics section of the criteria page.

May 8

Minutes TBD

AMM Week

Working session during Wednesday 18 April.

April 10, 2018

Project lead on vacation, and general AMM preparation meant that we cancelled the session.

April 3, 2018



Renault presented AUTOSAR ARA:COM

Discussions about potentials for reusing ARA:COM in on-AUTOSAR systems (to ensure interoperability with AUTOSAR systems). 
License considerations and technical considerations.
We concluded by saying it opens up a lot of interesting discussion but it would need a more focused opportunity to have that discussion.

March 27, 2018


David (Renault)

Joonhyung (lge)

Giovanni (visteon)

Philippe (genivi)

Subramanian (alpine)

Edward (renault)

Gunnar (genivi)

Guru (Bosch)

Marc (Renault)


discussion on the next steps, it is proposed to schedule a presentation of Adaptive Autosar ARA::COM based on the published specifications.

March 20, 2018


Giovanni Vergine (Visteon)

Subramanian (Alpine)

philippe (Genivi)

Marco Residori (Mentor)

Gunnar Andersson (Genivi)

Manuel Schiller (BMW)

Joonhyung Kim (LGE)

Klaus Birken (itemis)

Stephen Lawrence (Renesas)


Manuel presents JOYNR service framework presentation (BMW) (somewhat related to comm protocols)

To Be Completed

March 13, 2018

Meeting skipped due to conflict with Graphics Sharing / RAMSES workshop

March 6, 2018


Giovanni Vergine 
Subramanian Dhandapani
Gunnar Andersson
Christian Shulenberg
Marco Residori


Subramanian presented AMQP protocol

Future planning:

13 March meeting is skipped

20 March - joynr presentation (BMW)

February 27, 2018


Giovanni Vergine
Philippe Robin
Gunnar Andersson
Marco Residori
Stephen Lawrence
Joonhyung Kim
Juergen Gehring


Gunnar presented CommonAPI C++

February 20, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Philippe Robin
Christian Shulenberg
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Gunnar A, GENIVI
Klaus Birken
Guru, Bosch
Marco Residori, Mentor


Guru presented SOME/IP

Klaus insight about usage of SOME/IP in CommonAPI

General discussion about SOME/IP

Albert available for a deep dive on WAMP

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

27th February - Gunnar presents CommonAPI for C and C++

6th of March - Subramanian presents AMQP

February 13, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Philippe Robin
Amine Hamed
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Gunnar A, GENIVI
Klaus Birken


Giovanni presented Flatbuffers and MsgPack

Klaus insight about usage of MsgPack in WAMP.

Gunnar propose to include Cap'n'Proto in the list

Amine will kick off the benchmark strategy

Group different technologies by use cases in wiki page

Compare them

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

20th Feb SOME/IP, Guru (need confirmation)

February 6, 2018


Giovanni Vergine, Visteon
Marco Residori, Mentor
Amine Aouled Hamed
Guru, Bosch
Joonhyung Kim, LGE
Philippe C, PSA
Subramanian, Alpine
Gunnar A, GENIVI


Marco presented MQTT, implementations, comparisons

Discussion, thoughts and more comparison.

Franca to MQTT mapping? Not a perfect fit... -> Let's ask Klaus for comments on his previous experience

Looking for benchmark & comparison of protocols for the future. Agreed.

Most likely we can look for and find previous work on this.

The presentation & discussion was recorded.

Future planning:

13 Feb MsgPack & Flatbuffers, Giovanni

20th Feb SOME/IP, Guru

January 30, 2018


Giovanni Vergine
Philippe Robin
Gianpaolo Macario
Gunnar Andersson
Klaus Birken
Marco Residori
Philippe C.


Presentation/discussion on HTTP, REST, JSON and CoAP.

The session was recorded

See slides and recording on the GPRO - Presentations Materials page.

January 23, 2018


Philippe Robin
Giovanni Vergine
Marco Residori
Philippe C
Klaus Birken
Christian Shulenberg
Gianpaolo Macario
Gunnar Andersson


- Klaus gave a quick introduction of Franca v0.12.0
- Klaus gave an introduction of FrancaPlus
- Klaus and Philippe gave an introduction of WAMP and capixx-wamp
- AI: Marco will look probably MQTT for 6th February - need confirmation
- AI: (all): Add some point(s) to the "polling questions" web page.

January 16, 2018

Philippe Robin
Giovanni Vergine
Marco Residori
Philippe C


- AI: Marco will look, probably MQTT
- Philippe C, will plan an introduction to WAMP.
- Guru will present SOME-IP intro
- AI (all): Add some point(s) to the "Requirements" (important characteristics) web page.
- Giovanni reminds, we should make a poll to companies.
- AI(Giovanni): Create placeholder for polling questions. 
- AI(all): Add to polling question.  (Giovanni send reminder email in a few days)

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