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Demonstrated (i.e. "proven") technologies:

This includes initiatives from various sources and other projects.  The GSHA project does not own or claim to have produced all of these directly within the project.  The most important aspect for this project goal is the ability to point to and highlight the fact that a technology concept has been proven somewhere/somehow in practice, with running code. 

Demonstrations that are reproducible by anyone (i.e. code is open-source licensed or otherwise available with minimum barriers) are especially valuable, but others also have value.

  • Waltham demonstration on Renesas hardware (will be part of Waltham Session)
    • Exact setup is TBD (laptop / general distro / AGL / ...)
    • Reproducible by everyone? → Will be MIT licensed.  Exact time plan TBD.
  • API Remoting
    • Live demonstration during Ramses talk
      • Reproducible by everyone?  → RAMSES will be made available with open source license (announced at AMM)
  • Synchronized Rendering
    • This could include multiple data standards, and therefore multiple possible
    • Harman will show example at AMM.
    • Options that are reproducible by everyone → ?
  • GPU sharing (HV) → ?
    • Expecting multiple demos in showcase (OpenSynergy, EPAM, GHS, Tier 1s?)
  • Surface Sharing
    • Waltham
      • Waltham demonstration will be part of Waltham Session
        • Renesas board will be used but exact setup is TBD (laptop, general distro or AGL?)
        • Reproducible by everyone? → Will be MIT licensed.  Exact time plan TBD.
      • Collabora demo exists. (Not known if this is in AMM showcase)
        • How/where can this be seen?
        • Reproducible?
    • LGE will show a Surface Sharing demo in showcase (Proprietary solution)


  • Project Report
    • Approaches, categories, known demos, known code etc.
  • Tech Briefs, Whitepapers
    • AI (all):  Consider which topic you might a paper to be published together with GENIVI.

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