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This was last year → you may want go to the 2019 page instead

Planning the session.

Wednesday 18 April, 11.45-12.30 (45 minutes)

  • Project Introduction (Gunnar, 5-10 minutes)
    Purpose & Goals.
    Categories and examples.
    Refer to detailed pres.
  • Harman Android-graphics sharing show-and-tell (25 minutes)
    • Roman presenting: (8-10 minutes)
      • Use-case / requirement for the project
      • ... a bit about Harman frameworks being used (data exchange, PubSub)
      • ... principle of synchronized independent rendering
      • ...mentioned Harman also doing other designs e.g. Buffer Sharing approach
    • Sergey presenting: (8-10 minutes)
      • ~ 10 slides Technical Design
        (static UML class diagram, and runtime Message Sequence Charts)
    • Demonstration (5 minutes)
  • Project Planning discussion (15 minutes)
    • Work plan for project Q2-Q3
    • → if time runs out, consider separate meeting (lunch time etc.)

(Additional informal planning meeting)

  • Find time during one of the breaks, Wednesday / Thursday
  • Roman, Horst, Stephen, Eugen, Subramanian, Bernhard, etc. interested
    Stephen synchronize time using genivi-projects list.
  • Availability planner below:

Weds (Y/N)


Thurs (Y/N)


Notes (alternative time)
Stephen LawrenceYY
Horst SaierYY

Subramanian DhandapaniYY
Gururaja NYY
Roman LeykinYY

Result: Meeting will take place on Weds, if required (see agenda above), as its the only day we can all clearly make.

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