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Topic priorities?

Introduction / overview topics

  • Introduction to GENIVI (input from Steve, Gunnar will speak)
  • Introduction to HV project (part of history, Tero)
    • Participants
  • The motivation for virtualization
    • "OpenSynergy slides" – big picture, reason for the work, history, etc.
      webinar lead (Tero)
    • Complement with EB/kernkonzept input slides - outlook, future hardware architectures (Gunnar with help of EB input)
    • Maybe Gunnar adding (if needed) some more about the good effects of standardisation etc.
      • Portability (of VMs)
      • Synergy effects of standardization work
  • Whitepaper introduction (short) (Gunnar)

Focus: Recruit more particpants

AVPS chapters (Gunnar)

  • Booting
    • requires hardware suppt
  • Sensors
  • Storage
  • Networks
  • USB
  • Automotive Networks
  • Watchdog
    • safety, embedded...
  • Power & System mgmt
    • Not a major issue in the cloud environment
  • GPIO
  • Audio, Media
  • Crypto, RNG, ...
  • Console
  • Filesystem

Invite more participants


Total 40 up to 45 minutes presentation + Q&A

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