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The Franca+ source code can be built with Maven or in the Eclipse IDE.

Building with maven (no IDE)

  1. Prerequisite: git, maven (3.5)  and jdk (1.8) installed
  2. Clone
  3. Go to releng/org.francaplus.parent
  4. Start build with mvn generate-sources install
  5. Find the executable product in product releng/org.francaplus.product

Building with IDE

Preparing Eclipse

  1. Please follow the steps 1-2 described in the Franca-Quick-Install-Guide to download and set up Eclipse.
    (warning) It is not required to download or build the Franca IDL source code!
  2. Clone and import the Franca+ source code
    1. in the package explorer select "Import..."->Git->Projects from Git" from
    2. import all contained projects into your workspace

Building with Maven

  1. Check your maven configuration in the Eclipse preferences.
  2. Open the project org.francaplus.parent, select pom.xml and Run As Maven Build with the goals generate-sources and install

Building with Eclipse IDE

  1. Select Project->Clean for all projects in workspace
  2. set up the target platform
    1. open org.francaplus.targetplatform-> in the Eclipse IDE
    2. wait some time until the target platform is resolved and you can see the plugin contents in the "Content" tab.
    3. click "Set as Target Platform" in top right corner of the editor window.
  3. Generate Java code from xtext/xtend
    1. open org.franca.compmodel.dsl->src->org.franca.compmodel.dsl
    2. select Run As->MWE2-Workflow->GenerateFComp
      (if the mwe2 fails, try to create the folder org.franca.compmodel.dsl/src-gen manually)

Run the product:

  1. open org.francaplus.product in the editor
  2. in the Overview tab click in the section Testing on "1. Synchronize" and then on "2. Launch an Eclipse application"

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