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Ramses is a low-level rendering engine which is optimized for embedded hardware - mobile devices, automotive ECUs, IoT electronics. It is closely aligned to Khronos APIs (OpenGL, glTF, EGL) and other industry standards (Wayland, Freetype, etc.).

Ramses allows content to be rendered remotely, similar to video streaming, and also combining multiple sources of 2D and 3D content into one coherent scene.

Ramses was originally conceived by BMW and open-sourced in 2018 as part of a collaboration initiative with the Genivi Alliance. It has been an integral part of the BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce infotainment clusters since 2018.

The latest member of the Ramses family is Ramses Composer (since 2021) - a visual editor that allows you to interactively and comfortably construct a Ramses scene with immediate feedback what you are doing. The Ramses Composer

is built around the Ramses Logic Engine, a scripting and animation runtime tailored to the Ramses engine.


Main repositorees:

Ramses is available here:

The Ramses Logic runtime is available here:

The Ramses Composer is available here: (user documentation and sample projects are here:



Genivi 2018 AMM presentation: Genivi_AMM_From_Separated_ECUs_to_a_Display_Cluster.pdf

Older introduction slides: 2017-11-30_RAMSES_Genivi_introduction.pdf

Content of workshop held in March 2018: Planning for RAMSES workshop and SAT F2F


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