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In earlier newsletters during early autumn of 2017 , GENIVI announced a new strategy called Vehicle Domain Interaction.

This strategy involves developing standard interfaces that bridge multiple car software domains like safety, infotainment, consumer electronics and connectivity.  It is a direct response to Industry trends and increasing challenges in integration complexity, SoC/ECU consolidation, virtualization and other important trends.

Domain Interaction is a major strategy containing several new projects that address different challenges in multiple ECU and external systems integration.

Members learned about this strategy during the Seoul All Member Meeting and in the worldwide virtual kick-off, November 2 (recording)

(This has now been further developed into the in Multi-OS domain integration strategy)

Click Here for the: Domain Interaction Projects List and detailed pages for each.

Strategy Introduction

Project Registration & Survey


Meeting Schedules

Domain Interaction Strategy Kick-Off - Materials

2 November, 2017.

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