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Sprint Goal

  • Try out working processes 
  • Focus on anything that are easy starters (Mirza picks preferred topics).  

Sprint Plan

  • Focusing on cleanup epic to get started.
  • Mirza searching and creating an initial list of tickets that are easy starters - Gunnar to prioritize them Go or Wait

Via email we discussed easy starter tickets and some quick filtering:

- Restructure and remove wayland-ivi-extension.bbappend from meta-genivi-dev

    - DO!

- Acceptance test
    - Seen a collection of python test scripts in some repo
    - Research and set a plan and scope with Gunnar

- List all used services and make sure they have a dedicated user
        - Review pull-request, test and merge
        - DO!

- Add support for udisks2 to the GDP image
    - udisk2 is supported in meta-oe
    - Research AGL udisk2 implementation
    - Replace udev-extra-rules with udisk2
        - make sure that there are none unwanted effects of removing above
    - Research and DO!

- Convert X to DLT tasks
    - Need to specify a selected list of components to start with
    - Research

Time planning CW17-18

  • Mirza closing up previous project
  • 1 May is bank holiday, Mirza is off on Monday (squeeze day
  • 3-4 effective days expected

Results and time sheet


  • Mirza: From start (April) up to today 36h
  • Gunnar:  Approx 8-16h

Results & Comments:

  • Refer to printed Weekly Report
  • GDP-722 - Getting issue details... STATUS  (In Review as of today). Looks OK for now, decided to hold Merge until after rocko merge.


  • Good
    • Mirza's Development environment is up and running (QEMU & R-Pi)
    • First code contribution!
    • Mirza found problems/questionable things in GDP & meta-ivi and created tasks for them (Quality improvement!)
  • Bad
    • Bank Holidays mid-week & Gunnar at conference
  • Start
    • This first sprint was a bit ad-hoc.  Set up (new) fixed sprint cadence and meeting times.
    • Restart Backlog improvement/grooming
  • Continue
    • Sprint plan & retrospective working well
  • Stop

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