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Sprint Start

Dates:  Weeks 19 (start Wednesday) and 20 (incl. Friday)

Sprint Goal:

  •   Testing!!!!!!!

Sprint Plan:

Resource plan / vacation / absence

  • 10 May is a Bank Holiday, but Mirza planning to work, Gunnar TBC
  • Mirza should now be available 80% (all days except Thursday)

Sprint Close

Time Sheet

  • GA: ~20h, MK: ~8.5 working days

Results / Comments

  • Webkit/SDK fix took a bit longer than expected.
  • GA struggling with debug environment (still)  Improved status however.
  • Found bugs in poky (-image name required) & meta-flatpak test conflicting with poky + some other issues to enable tests.  Steady progress however, leading to good result.
  • meta-ivi distribution cleanup, PR sent.


  • Good
    • Mirza has Go.CD account and now knows a bit how to use it.
    • Quick intro and test discussion in BIT meeting
  • Bad
    • Lacking a fully working development/debug environment.  (Good that we are fixing that)
    • No time to follow up last week's "Start/Stop" improvements.
  • Start
    • ...
  • Continue
    • Meet one or a few days a week working in same office.  This is very efficient and good.
  • Stop
    • ...

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