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The GENIVI Baseline Integration Team is happy to announce the availability of the GENIVI Demo Platform. The initial release of the GENIVI Demo platform supports two targets: the Renesas R-Car M2 Koelsch Board, and QEMU (x86-64).

The GENIVI Demo Platform wiki page will provide you with a description of the included software modules as well as the instructions to set up the GENIVI Demo Platform and run it. A software development kit (SDK), an application development tutorial, and a platform development tutorial are also made available for developers intending to modify the GENIVI Demo Platform, or willing to port it to other targets.

If you find a bug in the GENIVI Demo Platform, you can search if the bug is already known, or can raise it if not, directly in the bugzilla; bug tracker. In case you have questions or want to help, send an email to the meta-ivi mailing list

Best Regards

The GENIVI Baseline Integration Team


Note: This article was published by Frederic.Bourcier on November 27th, 2014 in GENIVI former infrastructure.

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