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Hi all,

I'm moving to a different project, and Robert Marshall will be doing work in my place.

When I joined this project, the GDP was in a bit of a state:

  • Getting started was an exercise in manual frustration - checking out repos at specific commits, manually setting up environment variables... Plenty of space for things to go wrong, and taking longer than it needed to.
  • So much was happening behind closed doors. Discussion and decisions were happening behind closed doors, people only knew what was happening in the GDP when release announcements happened.
  • Many parts of it didn't work, or had missing features.
    • The lifecycle subsystem wasn't integrated fully.
    • The location-based services (fuel stop advisor, etc.) weren't integrated fully.
    • The GDP HMI was hard-coded and temperamental about being started.

Six months later, and there's been a definite improvement in the GDP (even excluding that it's gone from use with meta-ivi 7 to meta-ivi 9, with 10 on the horizon):

  • We're all working out in the open, being active on the genivi-projects mailing list and on the #automotive IRC channel.
  • We're releasing images people can download and run!
  • Getting started has been hugely streamlined (thanks Gunnar!) with all the required repos being submodules within a genivi-dev-platform repo.
  • The HMI is slightly less temperamental about being started.
  • We have lots of Contributors! Changhyeok Bae (who's now a maintainer), Leon Anavi, Jeremiah Foster and Gunnar Andersson to name a few.

Unfortunately, the parts missing features generally are still missing features, but there's interesting things happening in the future:

  • We're working with the Location-based services maintainers to get the FSA integrated and working.
  • Everybody's aware of the GDP HMI's problems, and are interested in replacing it.

Overall, I'm pleased with what we've accomplished so far, and no small part of it was due to Agustin's commitment to transforming the GDP into a healthy, open-source project.

This isn't a goodbye, I'll be lurking in the IRC channel and mailing lists for a while. I'm sure you'll all be happy in Robert Marshall's capable hands, he's an experienced developer and the only thing I can fault him in is his favourite text editor :)



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  1. Unknown User (toscalix)

    Thank you Unknown User (jonathanmaw) for the great work you have done these months. Welcome Unknown User (rajm) to the GDP crew.