Blog from August, 2016

The GENIVI Alliance is happy to announce immediate availability of the first release candidate (RC1) of the GENIVI Development Platform, GDP 11. To provide the highest possible quality of final release, the GDP Delivery Team is calling upon the GENIVI community and others interested in Open Source software for automotive to test the GDP 11 RC1, prior to final release in the next few weeks.

GDP RC1 includes ports to QEMU, MinnowBoard MAX (compatible with the new Minowboard Turbot) and Raspberry Pi 2 and 3. This first candidate brings several improvements from the latest stable Yocto release 2.1.1 including:

  • the latest meta-ivi pre-release M-0.2 published last week (Yocto and Baserock versions)
  • bug fixes detected during the Beta pre-release
  • enhancements as a consequence of testing GDP with the target boards
  • the latest vc4 drm kernel drivers to support the RPi official 7" touchscreen.

Download GDP RC1 port for your favorite board or QEMU. Those with Yocto knowledge can build from scratch this first release candidate from GDP Master, where work is currently being done to support Renesas Porter, Silk and Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c boards which will take precedence in the final release. Other links of interest are:

  • GDP 11 RC1 feature page is the place to read about what is new in this pre-release.
  • GDP releases wiki page where you can find information about how to run the available GDP 11 RC1 ports to different boards. This is of interest to those application developers who are not familiar with Yocto.
  • GDP Master wiki page, with instructions to build from scratch GDP with support to a wider range of target boards if you have Yocto knowledge.
  • GDP bug tracking system for those of you who want to provide feedback about this release. The GDP Delivery Team love bug reports!
  • GDP roadmap if you are interested in the coming GDP 11 release.

We very much appreciate any and all testing of the GDP 11 RC1 as it helps us create a better development platform for those interested in producing automotive software.

GDP moving faster than a Pokemon hunter

During the last few weeks, the GDP project has moved rapidly. Summer is the perfect time to work quietly in bringing new improvements since most of you are on vacation. These are the GDP highlights.

GDP 11 Beta is coming

Tomorrow Wednesday August 3rd, GDP 11 beta will be released.

And what about GDP 10?

After a couple of weeks of discussion, the GENIVI community took the decision  per consensus to skip GDP 10 and go directly for GDP 11, This is a similar situation to that which took place some months ago with GDP-ivi8, which was skipped in favour of GDP-ivi9. So nothing new under the sun.  The main reason for this decision has been to open the possibility to provide the latest versions of every GENIVI component shipped in a stable release with ports to several target boards to developers and companies on time for the GENIVI 15th AMM.


The specific timeline for GDP 11 is currently under discussion. Feel free to participate, especially if you are willing to contribute software to GDP or intend to use it for demoing your latest application for example, at the GENIVI 15th AMM in October.

What is new in GDP 11 Beta?

This Beta release will bring the latest stable software shipped by the Yocto project (v2.1) together with the latest GENIVI software components (meta-ivi MIRANDA v0.1). The only delivered target will be QEMU. RC1 will bring ports to a variety of target boards. The GDP Delivery Team believes GDP 11 Beta will be the ideal starting point for automotive developers interested in either testing the latest GENIVI software or developing the next generation of automotive components and applications, using as based GENIVI compliant middleware.

GDP is all over the globe

On June 2nd, GDP was presented at the OpenExpoES, in Madrid, Spain. On July 13th, GDP was introduced at the Automotive Linux Summit that took place in parallel with LinuxCon Asia in Tokyo, Japan. On October 12th there will be a talk about GDP, with the title "Open Source For Automotive In The Open Becomes Real: GENIVI Development Platform" at ELCE that takes place in Berlin, DE. Obviously the GDP will also be present in several talks, demos and training sessions at the GENIVI 15th AMM, in Burlingame, CA, US from Oct 18th to 21st.


What's new in GDP Master?

With the new rolling model, the GDP Delivery Team is able to move faster so lots of updates has landed in GDP Master. Impatient developers, addicted to the latest and greatest software can see now in GDP a solid option to develop Open Source automotive software. meta-ivi 10 and 10.0.1 later, together with Yocto 2.0 and Qt 5.5.1 landed to GDP a few weeks ago although lately those fundamental pieces has been updated to meta-ivi M.0.1, Yocto 2.1 and Qt 5.6.


Updates in the bluetooth stack, wayland-ivi-extension, dlt daemon among many others have already landed to GDP, together with updates in weston, mesa and new software like Fuel Stop Advisor, conman-client or openssh-sftp-server, for instance. Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c is now supported in GDP Master. Due to these major updates and the fact that the Delivery Team is preparing GDP 11 Beta release, ports to other boards might not be fully working. This is a temporary state since right after the coming release, their effort will concentrate on ensuring those ports works.

So stay tuned for the coming release of GDP 11 Beta and test the latest Open Source software for automotive. Those closer to GDP and GENIVI, might prefer to follow GDP Master, but do not fall asleep, GDP is moving faster than a Pokemon hunter.