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The GENIVI Alliance is publishing a new release candidate, GDP 11 RC2, to improve the stability of the GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) base system while increasing the number of boards on which the GDP is available. The GDP 11 RC2 includes a number of bug fixes, improvements across the system and more stable ports to several development boards. GENIVI has decided to delay the full GDP 11 release to allow for the addition of a significant feature enhancement in the form of a new user interface and application launcher.

In order to enhance the user experience and to ease adding new applications to the GDP, the GENIVI Graphics Team has provided a brand new user experience which is being integrated into the GDP RC2. This significant feature enhancement will be highlighted at the upcoming GENIVI All Member Meeting (AMM) and will include a GENIVI-branded GUI and configurable application launcher. The updated GDP containing this new user experience will receive additional testing to gain the stability needed for a full release after the AMM.

 GDP RC2 includes the latest bug fixes from meta-ivi along with a variety of other bug fixes and small improvements across the system with more stable ports to the development boards listed below. There is also a port to QEMU for those who want to take a quick look at what GDP base system is today.

  • Intel Minnowboard MAX

  • Raspberry Pi2 and 3

  • Qualcomm Dragonboard 410c

Those with Yocto knowledge can build this second release candidate from scratch from the GDP Master, where Renesas Porter and Silk are also supported. Other links of interest are:

  • GDP 11 RC2 Feature Page provides details on what is new in this pre-release.

  • GDP Releases wiki page where you can find information on how to run the available GDP 11 RC2 ports to different boards. This is of interest to those application developers who are not familiar with Yocto.

  • GDP Master wiki page, with instructions on how to build GDP from scratch with support to a wider range of target boards with Yocto knowledge.

  • GDP 11 Bug Tracking system for those wishing to provide feedback on this release. The GDP Delivery Team welcomes bug reports.

  • GDP Roadmap for information on the upcoming GDP 11 release.

The GENIVI Alliance appreciates all member and community efforts testing the GDP 11 RC2 and will soon announce a final release candidate with the new user interface for testing.