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Discussion items

 Update to Yocto PyroChanghyeok Bae
  • Offered to look into how difficult it is to upgrade to next Yocto version
  • GDP-659 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Note that there is an upstream kernel graphics bug recently fixed which may impact Renesas hardware graphics drivers
    • JIRA ticket coming
 Next Sprint 

Review of weekly report

  • Good progress, closed numerous bugs, progress on SDL, starting to get into the groove the last few weeks.
 Pull requests processStephen
  • What is the process for PRs?
  • Gunnar: Anything that is non-trivial should have a task and should be planned into the sprint, but do you have a specific example?
  • Stephen: What about if I update my Yocto BSP?
  • Gunnar: It would be helpful if we were aware of that in the sprint plan
  • Stephen: So I would create the task, assign it, and say it is landing on a certain date?
  • Gunnar: Yes
 Version updates 
  • Stephen: Are we accepting updates to previous versions? I.e. H3 starter kit updates will go into GDP master but would you accept that into GDP 12?
  • Gunnar: We would accept that.
  • Stephen: This is helpful because partners sometimes want something more stable to work on
  • Gunnar: Its not too hard to have a maintenance branch.

Action items