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Discussion items

 Update to Yocto PyroChanghyeok Bae
  • Found an issue, more work
 Next Sprint 

Review of weekly report

  • A lot of tickets cleaned up, like the fact that GDP 11 was never released in the system
  • Quite a few new tasks this week, Chromium, webinar, Qt AS
  • Webinar planning is done according to Taha: three videos planned
  • Some questions on "text to speech" appropriateness
    • John Ehrig wanted to take a look
 Epic prioritiesGunnar

There is a view of the epics on the scrum board:

  • Steve: Are there enough prios for the next sprint?
  • Gunnar: We usually manage, no hardware constraint at the moment. Would be nice to consolidate the SDL and consider that closed. Might discuss with Viktor on how much work it would be to finish
  • Vacations begin soon so we'll be one person less starting Monday
  • Discussion on potential survey and how to get in touch with folks


Action items

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