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Sprint Start

Dates:  2018, Calendar Week(s) 30-34

Sprint Goal:

  • 1-2 day fixup os-tree for minnowboard & r-pi
  • Start needed support for DIRO projects
  • Test & Bugfix & clean up old bugs

Sprint Plan:

Resource plan / vacation / absence

...expected working/absence time, per each person

  • MK: Nothing week 31, 2d/week 32-34
  • GA: Nothing week 31-32.  TBD.

Sprint Close

Time Sheet 

...actual working/absence time, per each person

  • GA - a few hours of GDP related work to support Chandeepa (GSoC) this week, Go-CD work, misc.  If including GSoC estimate 12h in week 33-34.
  • MK - Vacation wk 31.  Weeks 32-34 up to including today, 20h. 

Results / Comments

  • MK: Cleaning up and fixing R-Pi OS-Tree. We're done to close that finally.  Minnowboard (some issues remaining)
  • MK: Created a first MiNiFi recipe.  Going through the dependency issues (MiNiFi packages its own source code).  This should run if someone wants to do some first testing.  And it is documented what needs to be done to set up full featured and clean build recipes.
  • GA: (GSoC) Investigations into on-target compilation, python development.  Created instruction  Code changes can be cleaned up and packaged to something useful.


  • Good
    • GSoC leading to some insights/development for the on-target dev case, even if experimental.
  • Bad
    • (Mirza) Interruptions in planning / working time made work not as consistent as normal
  • Start
    • Find more common working time (for backlog grooming etc.) 
  • Continue
    • ...
  • Stop
    • ...

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