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Release Notes

Main new Features

  • pairing feature + UI
  • SmartDeviceLink (SDL) demonstration using Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Application containment principle using parts of the of Flatpak standard for applications

  • Vehicle Signaling subsystem (VSS+VSI) integration with CANDevStudio support (pending merge to SDE).  → AMM demonstration of signaling-to-Web HMI.

Other Improvements

  • Alignment to GENIVI Baseline 13.0
  • Based on latest Yocto release (pyro branch)
  • Various bug fixes
  • More integration of Lifecycle Subsystem
  • New hardware support (e.g. Renesas R-Car H3)

For all additional details, please refer to GDP 13 related JIRA tickets.

Build instructions

The instructions are identical to the ones listed on the GDP 12 page.   For Renesas H3 - follow M3 instructions and blog post - feel free to ask on mailing list.

More information

As always, we refer to the GDP Master project for details.  Don't be afraid to use master.  We do all development in Master and it is generally kept in a stable state.  Master acts essentially as a rolling release.  If you are willing to build the platform instead of downloading, make sure to use latest Master which should be the best version.


GDP Download page

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