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Purpose of AM Monitor

  • Monitoring to current Main Connection List of Audio Manager

  • Monitoring to current Clients, Sinks, Sink Inputs of Pulse Audio

  • Monitoring to the volume changes of each test cases

    • Demonstrate the experimental AM Plugins by Wind River
    • Routing Plugin for Pulse with configuration file
    • Control Plugin for Audio Control Policy with rule file
    • Testing to various audio control policy with the built-in PA Players in AM Monitor

How it works

  • GUI using Qt5/QML

    • On (for PC/Development environment)
    • On Weston Compositor (for GENIVI Target board)
  • As PulseAudio Client As Audio Manager Client

    • 5 Asynchronous Audio Players
    • 1 Subscribe API Client
    • QML Extended Element: PAPlayer, PAClient
  • Call Connect / Disconnect method of Audio Manager D-Bus I/F

    • Monitor the D-Bus signal MainConnectionStateChanged, VolumeChanged …
    • QML Extended Element : AMClient

How to use AM Monitor on Linux development PC

Audio Manager Monitor on Ubuntu PC
  • Set testing environment using ‘pc-env’ script

  • Execute the Audio Manager with experimental plugins

    • Refer the README file from git repository
  • Run AM Monitor for various purpose

    • Test with other PA based tools/apps on PC (paplay, pacmd, totem …)
    • Test with other volume control app for PA like ‘pavucontrol’
    • Monitoring to status of AM with developing new AM plug-in


  • Experimental AM Plugins for this demo

    • Support latestbranch of Audio Manager repository
    • Enhance the Routing Plugin for Pulse
    • Enhance the Control Plugin with better rule syntax
      • e.g – embedding Python or JS interpreter and support programmable audio control policy rule, last user mode …
  • AM Monitor

    • Support the Common API for AM Command I/F
    • Additional audio domain support (e.g jackd) and gateway example
    • Simulate the Start-up/Rundown of AM using LifecycleConsumer I/F


  1. Hi Admin,

    Could you please upload missing images on this website (Ex: Audio_Manager_Monitor.jpg/800px-Audio_Manager_Monitor.jpg)?

    Most of the images on this website are missing.

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    1. Some images were lost in a wiki-migration many years ago.  Adding it would be a task for the original application developer, but I can guess this one is probably lost.  (Delete this comment & parent later, to clean up).