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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Understanding Lifecycle and expectations from team, and looking at CI failures.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual.
    • Filed many bugs on HMI and Connected Home app:

      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    • PR reviews.
    • Studies and discussion on lifecycle integration.
    • Created separate channel for GDP-specific chats.
  • Viktor & Taha
    • Investigating what is causing the CI build problems.

Other Activities

Next Week Targets

  • Lifecycle work to start.
  • More GDP 12 planning.

GDP Weekly Call on Jan 12


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Steve Crumb

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • Leon Anavi

  • Nick Contino

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Tom Pollard

  • Taha Mohammad

  • Viktor Sjölind

Meeting mintues

Main activities

  • Working on CI failures, some discussion with Gunnar in previous weeks

  • Logs are not providing obvious, actionable information. Manual test runs work but initiating runs from CI system doesn’t work. We’ll need to identify a new champion for the CI system. Viktor and Gunnar to discuss further.

  • Touch screens -- last issues in GDP 11 are most likely Faytech problems. It would be preferred to abandon the Faytech monitor

  • Philippe recommends to continue with the investigation

  • Discussion has occurred on the mailing list about requirements, availability, price and mainline kernel support

  • Discussion on FOSDEM talks

New Business

  • Steve C. discusses the deployment of RVI on a Raspberry Pi in the city of Las Vegas. The Raspberry Pi 3 with the Raspberry Pi monitor is going to be the hardware.

  • The project is about pulling vehicle fleet data from the CAN bus and other sensors and pushing it up into a server. The that data, combined with traffic information that the city pulls from smart infrastructure boxes, will be analyzed for traffic congestion and pedestrian safety. Las Vegas has the second highest fatality rate for pedestrians in the US.

  • Steve; now that we’ve got a project management around the GDP I wonder if can expand this and introduce “feature tracking” for features that we’ve identified for GDP 12. For example, once the browser is available from Igalia we should talk about integration into the GDP as well.

  • Zeeshan, if you like we can have a separate section in the report?

  • Steve: wouldn’t it be helpful to have a standing agenda item that walks through the product management work? Status of features, non-component related features, other things that we may be doing. If we had a “product management update” from John Ehrig as a standing update that might be helpful.

  • John: I think it is important that we’re tracking to the plan and having that update would be good in this call.

  • John mentioned a marketing feedback document that is being created and to be brought into this release cycle

  • Gunnar: wondered what was going to be integrated next.

  • Zeeshan: This is an open question

  • Gunnar: we should be in “pull mode” especially as the GDP process is becoming a little more heavyweight. Take a proactive stance and get in touch with developers to see what is coming into the GDP potentially.