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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work continues, Pull-request reviews and Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual (actually more than usual this week).
    • Reviewed pull requests.
    • GSoC activities.
    • Get a GPLv3-free GDP  GDP-247 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • JIRA triaging.
      • Pinged assignees about status.
      • Added 'gsoc' tags.
  • Viktor
    • Now 100% allocated to GDP.
    • Report status of using the SDE with QtCreator towards minnowboard.  TOOL-101 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Finished the HMI NSM integration (still needs merging).  GDP-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Analyzed the how to solve LUC for HMI. Have a solution planed but no coding done.  GDP-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Taha
    • Manual UI testing: Latest built images on Porter and Silk (HMI though did not boot up on Silk).  GDP-540 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Filed a bug: GDP has a German keyboard layout.  GDP-574 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Looking into improving the log reports.  TOOL-87 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Changhyeok

    • Progress on porting to morty branch of poky: Raspberry Pi done, now onto other boards. GDP-550 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other Activities

  • More students showing interest in the GSoC project.

Next Week Targets

  • GDP-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • GDP-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS


GDP Open Weekly on March 15



  • Zeeshan Ali
  • Viktor Sjölind
  • Taha Mohammad
  • Gunnar Andersson
  • Philippe Robin
  • Phil Wise
  • Philippe Coval
  • Leon Anavi
  • David Yates
  • Stephen Lawrence


  • Team progress

    • GSoC:

      • Fixed documentation of how to build GDP, students missunderstood and tried to build on target rather than towards target.

      • HTML5 based UI project is modified to use a open source framework.

    • GPLv3-free GDP:

      • Team concludes that there are two ways to do this since some stuff needed for development. ...

      • Gunnar suggests to have a separate image with a developer stuff.

    • Clearifying the ticket with syncing SWM, NSM and GDP.

      • Should be broken down into user stories. However, this is only relevant long term therefore it should be tagged as GDP 13+.

    • Cairo work pending GPLv3 discussion

    •  Manual UI testing

  • Actualizer

    • Discussion between Zeeshan and Leon about config

    • Conclusion: deploy the sota sample config as default config.

    • Gunnar suggests to upstream patch in the pull-request.

      • It is decided that it should get merged first and then upstreamed.

      • If it is accepted upstream the patch should then be removed in favor for the upstream version.

  • Handling new Renesas boards

    • Wiki needs to be updated with information about how to build the new Rensesas board.
      Gunnar handles CI.

  • AMM M3 Salvator-X multiple screen support

    • Philippe Robin: How do we demonstrate multiple screens for M3 Salvator-X on the AMM?

    • Does anyone have access to a M3 Salvador board with multiple display outputs?

    • Zeeshan is to check with Pelagicore and Stephen is to check with Renesas.

    • Worst case we run multiple "screens" on one screen.

Many thanks to Viktor Sjölind for taking the meeting minutes.