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Main achievements:






SOTA Client C++ merged to master GDP-551 - Getting issue details... STATUS   


Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work, upgrade of GDP to morty and automated UI testing work continues, Pull-request reviews and Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual.
    • Reviewed pull requests.
    • GSoC activities.
  • Viktor
    • Established that a read writable rootfs is already in place making GDP-573 possibly redundant.  GDP-573 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Worked on making the HMI save and boot Last User Context. Mostly done, some debugging left.  GDP-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Was on sick leave on Monday.
  • Taha
    • Wrote recipes for Dogtail and Behave. Added dependency Cairo to package groups  GDP-564 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Working on building the image with new recipes for testing on target (had a blocker yesterday due to fetcher failure)
  • Changhyeok

    • More progress on porting to morty branch of poky: all boards done, one issue with dragonboard.  GDP-550 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Gunnar
    • Last week SAT&BoD F2F meetings so mostly high level strategic stuff but:
    • Fixed Dragonboard build failure (meta-iot-web).  Filed and merged upstream. Merged in GDP master. GDP-571 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Discussing some updates to, new needs coming from R-Car Gen 3 support. GDP-572 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Other Activities

  • More students showing interest in the GSoC project.

Next Week Targets

  • Finish  GDP-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Investigate and plan (hopefully also start coding)  GDP-555 - Getting issue details... STATUS


GDP Open Weekly on March 22


  • Jeremiah Foster
  • Zeeshan Ali
  • Philippe Robin
  • Stephen Lawrence
  • Viktor Sjölind
  • Taha Mohammed
  • Changhyeok Bae
  • Gunnar Andersson
  • John Ehrig
  • Philippe Coval
  • Phil Wise


  • Progress report:

    • Zeeshan working with GSoC students, numerous inquiries and

    • Viktor noticed timing issues at boot time booting applications too
      quickly, otherwise the work on Last User Context is largely

    • Taha working on Dogtail and Behave as tooling for UI testing.
      Fixing some minor errors

    • Zeeshan reported on Chang-yeok’s behalf, Dragonboard is now fixed
      too, but there was a workaround used namely a downgrade of systemd

    • Dicsussion on PRs with new SOTA request merged. Looking forward to
      instructions on how to test.

    • Gunnar had face to face meetings last week which took a lot of
      time and energy but yielded strategy and still time left over for
      concrete actions in the issue tracker

    • Discussion on Go.CD pipelines and resources used in building

    • More 64 bit targets coming as well so possibly finding more issues
      linked to this as well

    • Philippe noted that ICS will help with high priority to medium
      priority issues in the HMI.

    • Ticket review done in GDP team noting persistence subsystem issues

    • Roland has switched to Qualcomm boards due to fewer graphic issues

    • TOOL-60 has lots of subtasks for testing a verification, GDP team
      and folks on the call were notified of open subtasks

  • New Business
    • Audio Manager discussions. The GDP patches meta-ivi’s Audio Manager.
    • The reason for the patch is that there are custom patches for each integration and the AM maintainer wants to keep the current example only. The GDP AM version is derived from the current example.
    • This is a large implementation however and perhaps needs refactoring into a more effective structure.
    • There is also a repo for audio manager demo and possibly holds the patch
    • GENIVI 12 baseline is not currently using the lastest AM. Its using AM 7.4 while the latest is 7.5.
    • Next step is for the GDP team to review which version of the AM to use and how to refactor the code into the GDP.
    • SDl pull request: UI needs testing, some testing done on a PC without SDL so testing in GDP needed.
    • Some questions on the copyright of images and how the UI adjusts to a small screen.
    • Not clear that the SDL needs to be a demonstratable interface
    • Weston image may be related to systemd downgrade
    • There was a presentation at the latest ELC / IoT conference on GENIVI and Iotivity
    • Zeeshan will send his apologies for next Wednesday
    • John Ehrig notes that there is now promotion planning for the GDP release. Important that we finalize on the feature set and documentation for the GENIVI AMM and final release.
    • Gunnar notes that there existing descriptions in the reference architecture document and that there may be some descriptions that need updating
    • Leon notes that aktualizr is now available and rvi_lib patches have been upstreamed as well. Leon will blog in the wiki.