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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work, upgrade of GDP to morty and automated UI testing work continues, Pull-request reviews and Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Was away the whole week.
  • Viktor
    • Finished  GDP-555 - Getting issue details... STATUS . The PR is currently being reviewed (in the hmi repo).
    • Merged GDP-556 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to the hmi repo.
    • Started to work on  GDP-170 - Getting issue details... STATUS . No audio on Silk.
    • Received the R-CAR Starter Kit generation 3. Spent some time on mounting the hardware to my test rig.
  • Taha
    • Done - Ensure at-spi, dogtail & python-behave in GDP  GDP-564 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Started work on  GDP-565 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Changhyeok

    • More progress on porting to morty branch of poky.  GDP-550 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Gunnar
    • Fixing R-Car gen 3 build with Stephen.  Corrected+merged. [GDP-583]
    • Set up local (personal) to support quicker work
    • GDP: Reviewed and commented on GDP/MGD PRs
    • Some work - fixing package update cronjob
    • Components: Reviewed some other PRs (RVI Lib, AudioManager) and asked for
      Reviews from maintainers (CommonAPI)
      • (Related) Created Wiki page for Hackfest, no new content since last week
      • (Related) Preparing companies for contribution: Intive, Mobica, ...

Other Activities

  • 10 GSoC proposals submitted under GDP organisation.

Next Week Targets


GDP Open Weekly on Apr 05


  • Jeremiah Foster
  • Zeeshan Ali
  • Philippe Robin
  • Stephen Lawrence
  • Viktor Sjölind
  • Taha Mohammed
  • Gunnar Andersson
  • John Ehrig


  • Progress report:

    •  Zeeshan getting back up to speed, returned from Mexico.

    • GSoC proposals are in, about 10 proposals of varying quality

    • Taha working on HMI testing in python, some progress to report

    • Viktor also reporting progress with code

  • New business
    • Qemu and GObject problems on RCar Gen 3, issue noted in build system but not found on internal builds yet.
    • Work on aktualizr, handling the sleeping issue. Gunnar suggests that hacking systemd unit files might be good.
    • Plan for GDP team is to have a simple scrum process
    • Discussion on which day to report sprint output
    • Consensus on running sprints
    • Reminder that there are still some risks regarding resources
    • Stephen: Is there a plan to do a GDP 12.1 release?
    • The reason for that question is that there is often hype around the release and we want to know if all the contents will be available at the time of release and a point release can be helpful in including things that are too immature to be in the regular release.