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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work, upgrade of GDP to morty and automated UI testing work continues, Pull-request reviews and Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Discussion, plannings and meetings
    • Had to do some mandatory internal Luxoft training
    • GSoC: Looking at proposals. Will need to review them by tomorrow.
    • Testing morty build on minnow-board.
  • Viktor
    • Merging lifecycle work to meta-genivi-dev. Still on-going.
    • Successfully built an R-Car-Starter-kit-Gen3 GDP image
    • Vacation in Hemsedal
  • Taha
    • Learning advanced python classes. Looking at dogtail.procedural and dogtail.tree.root modules which shall be used to get the tree of objects view like pyatspi
    • Building Gen3 Startkit image. Awaiting its success or failure.
    • Added the right Renesas graphics drivers on the agent
  • Gunnar
    • GDP: Discussing SDL integration with Livio (telephone conf)
    • GDP: Some mail discussion with NXP about GDP on Freescale/NXP
    • GDP: Review/comment CDL proposal (pull request)
    • Some component PR review, e.g. RVI Lib 
    • GDP: Lots of testing/debugging build issues on Renesas Gen 3 (not criticism, just issues in CI)
      • Some more working out the binary drivers and build steps
      • Intermittent build issues, likely due to poorly written dependency information in yocto recipes (not the Renesas recipes but others) 
    • GDP: Testing/debugging Morty branch for Minnowboard
      • It works fine on a clean build but not on reused sstate.  Moving closer to a solution, we think.
    • GDP planning forward with team.

Other Activities

Next Week Targets

  • Start following a scrum-based process in the team.

  • Ensure release close to ready.


GDP Open Weekly on Apr 12


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Viktor Sjölind

  • Taha Mohammed

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • Vy Duong

  • Jens Bocklage

  • Leon Anavi

  • Claudiu Lataretu (NXP)


  • Progress report from team (see above)

  • Morty upgrade -- “seems like we’re really close”. We need some more
    investigation together however, some builds in the CI system still

  • GDP team would like to set up the scrum process, but this week it
    failed. Hope to follow it going forward.

  • Discussion on whether there ought to be a package group or not for

  • Can we updated the PR to merge on Morty? We could, but we don’t have a
    PR pipeline set up for Morty. Doesn’t matter how we build it we just
    need to check it is okay.

  • Fuel Stop Adviser is unlikely to be in GDP 12. FSA maintainer is not
    available. Philippe requests that an alignment between Gunnar and
    Zeeshan, Gunnar notes that there is an opening to have the FSA on the
    ‘master’ branch

  • Plan is to merge SDL and review the UI

  • Chromium PR is being worked on, some hardware specific issues to get
    through but a merge seems likely in the near future.

  • (Philippe and Gunnar leave for another meeting)

  • Discussion on DRM backend, Leon to take a look. Hope is that using DRM ought to improve graphics performance

  • Vy testing the notepad app on Raspberry Pi. Systemd not sending a SIGTERM on reboot. Email sent but the issue went dead on the mailing list. Systemd knows about this but their fix doesn’t solve the issue completely. Systemd folks are working on it.

    • Is there a JIRA issue? Is this GDP specific?

    • Desktop distros are seeing this issue as well so its likely not a GDP
      issue alone.

    • In theory one should be listening for shutdown from the Node State

    • But NSM receives the notification from Systemd. This was tested by Vy.

    • Viktor: It ought to be a two step process but it is not properly used

    • A shutdown button in the UI might help

    • Vy proposed creating a button to tell the thread the terminate which
      ought to help by not telling the whole system to shut down.

    • Zeeshan noted that you can use the NSM functionality and not use System functionality directly.

    • There is a ticket for a shutdown button in JIRA for the GDP already

    • Leon suggested this might be already fixed in Ubuntu 16.04. Apparently this issue is fixed in 16.04

    • Zeeshan noted that Friday and Monday are holidays

  • Leon noted a couple changes in Aktualizr from last week. Crashes have stopped around missing config settings. Default config contains the GENIVI node pre-configured. Leon is working on step by step instructions, putting them in the wiki.