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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work put on hold to focus on getting GDP 12 ready, challenges with upgrade of GDP to morty, Pull-request reviews and Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Discussion, plannings and meetings
    • Had to take some time off GDP for some internal setup changes at Pelagicore.
    • GSoC: Proposals reviewed and slots requested. Now awaiting on google to allocate slots.
    • Successfully build and ran morty image for Qemu_x86-64. FM Radio doesn't work but need to check if it works on master.
    • Testing SDL. Got into some build errors, will continue with this task.
    • Pull-request reviews.
  • Viktor
    • Worked on a spike of HMI to APP NSM proxy thing
    • Tested RPi3 with morty works well
    • Tested Minnowboard with morty, hangs on waiting for rootfs
    • Working on merging lifecycle work but entangled in unreproducable error logs from the CI system
  • Taha
    • Built R-Car Gen 3 Image on local machine successfully.
    • Deploying the Gen3 image on the rig. Facing some issues.
    • Minor permission issue fix on the agent
    • Progressed a little this week on python learning
  • Gunnar

Other Activities

Stephen Lawrence focused on trying to get R-Car gen3 builds working on morty.

Next Week Targets

  • Morty merge.


GDP Open Weekly on Apr 19


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Philippe Robin

  • Viktor Sjölind

  • Taha Mohammed

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • Steve Crumb


  • Minnowboard is now working

  • Worries about chromium on R-Car, needs to be fixed

  • CDL integration, Gunnar has kicked off some builds which are currently failing though the issue is not related to the code. The submitter of the PR says it works on Morty

  • Review of features likely to be delivered

    • We may have to resort to a fallback if chromium is not working on all platforms

    • GDP developers need logins

    • AI: Jeremiah to get logins to the above ^^

    • RVI update from Magnus, this is going to be a demo at the AMM

    • CIAT is not really news, available

    • Persistence is not fully configured but the components are there

    • ICS notepad might not be fully complete but we should be able to use that without lifecycle intergration.

    • The webinar is still planned to happen, hard to decide today

    • CDL expected to work, not confirmed