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Main achievements:






GDP application for GSoC submitted 2017-01-25Now we wait for approval. Ideas still needed.


Activity Summary

Tutorial/discusson on GDP architecture, especially lifecycle integration, upgrade of layers and .


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual.
      • Especially tutorial/meeting with Gunnar.
    • Test GeChic screen.
    • Making stuff build with morty branches of poky, meta-oe & meta-ivi.
    • GSoC submission.
    • Fix weston initialization recipe:  GDP-530 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Viktor
    • Indexed what service files are used in meta-genivi-dev.
    • Studied the target specifications and drafted the focused, unfocused and lazy target files accordingly.
    • Very fruitful meeting with Gunnar where I gained a lot of understanding of the architecture of the lifecycle and it's various components. We looked on the way forward and processed the tasks.
  • Taha
    • Mostly on sick-leave & busy with internal admin stuff.

Other Activities

Next Week Targets

  • FOSDEM talk ready.
  • morty branch investigation concluded.


GDP Weekly Call Jan 25


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Steve Crumb

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • Nick Contino

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Taha Mohammad

  • Viktor Sjölind


  • GSoC discussion, adding mentors to the projects, still need new projects.

  • Gunnar joined Pelagicore at their offices and went over GDP and lifecycle, team felt it was productive

  • Finding a screen to use has come down to specifics, the GeChic screen is considered suitable and affordable.

  • Issues with Morty branch in Yocto -- had to drop Navit, image built, but the app using Navit looks pretty bady at the moment. We’re talking about the ‘navigation’ application which and not the FSA. One has to run the FSA, or Fuel Stop Advisor, from a script on the commandline.

  • Navit requires gypsy, which is a dead upstream. We don’t know if there will be a new maintainer.

  • Perhaps dropping Navit from master for now since it’s causing problems is the best approach, there was consensus for this move.

  • Is there old HMI code still in recipes?

    • There may be but if there is we ought to talk to Tom Pollard, JLR graphics team, and ICS ought to know what code is maintained and what is not.

  • Go agent failing on something called jq

  • Jacobo filed an issue on the Silk board. May be related to removal of support for rpm packages. Need to gather more information

New Business

  • John Ehrig presents the spreadsheet on features for GDP 12 and team discussion

  • Roadmap discussion