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1 year report  GDP-446 - Getting issue details... STATUS November 11th(tick)Done: Nov 11thPrevious GDP team provided a detailed summary of their work and also work to be done.
15th AMM Hands on Sessions GDP-274 - Getting issue details... STATUS October 20th 2016(tick)Hands on Sessions for Porter and Minnowboard Turbot in preparationGDP Hands on Sessions for Porter and for Minnowboard Turbot delivered.
GDP 11 RC3 release GDP-414 - Getting issue details... STATUS October 17th 2016(tick)GDP 11 RC3The release was done and announced.
GDP 11 RC2 release GDP-376 - Getting issue details... STATUS October 4th 2016(tick) GDP 11 RC2 released.GDP 11 release turned into GDP 11 RC2. Released for QEMU, Minnowboard, RPi2, 3 and Dragonboard
GDP 11 RC1 release GDP-335 - Getting issue details... STATUS September 1st 2016(tick)GDP 11 RC1 released.Released For QEMU, Intel Minnowboard, RPI2 and RPi3.
GDP 11 beta release GDP-294 - Getting issue details... STATUS July 28th(tick) Done. Wed Aug 3rdReleased. For QEMU only. Otherwise, please go to GDP Master. The tasks left to do are about tracking the impact of the release.

GDP Roadmap

      GDP-272 - Getting issue details... STATUS         

July 20th

  • Proposal about scenarios sent. Decision about scenario taken. (tick)
  • Roadmap proposal sent and communicated. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11 beta approved. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11 RC1 approved. (tick)
  • Roadmap for GDP 11

Roadmap for RC1 release done and communicated. Release plan published.

GDP master

     GDP-231 - Getting issue details... STATUS      

June 10th

(tick)Done: June 22nd

Re-structuring finished. Master has been created and integrated with Now GDP has two deliverables, Master and major releases.

Release of Intel Minnowboard


May 18th

(tick)Done: May 18th

GDP-ivi9 port to Intel Minnowboard MAX.

14th AMM Hands on Session


April 27th and 29th

(tick)Done: April 26th and 29th

Hands On Sessions: GDP on Porter and GDP on RPi2. Summary/overview sessions.

GDP-ivi9 release


April 5th

(tick)Done. Tue April 19th

GDP-ivi9 for QEMU, Renesas Porter and RPi2

GDP-ivi9 RC1 release


March 8th 2016

(tick)Done Tue March 8th

GDP-ivi9 RC1 QEMU image

GDP-ivi9 Beta release


Feb 9th 2016

(tick)Done Wed Feb 17th 2016

GDP-ivi9 beta released. Some complementary and analysis tasks are in progress.


Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Since last report, I've been mainly focusing on testing of GDP on various platforms. Taha Mohammad joined the team this week as well. We'll be looking into CI and QA.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Continued going through documentation, sources and report from previous GDP maintainers.
    • Went through many open tickets, added comments and did some general triaging.
    • Created tasks for testing of all supported boards for release 11, under a meta task.  GDP-458 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Successfully built Qemu, RPI3, Porter and Minnowboard images.
    • Tested GDP on Porter.  GDP-457 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Added missing RC release tags in repos.
    • Chats with previous maintainers, learnt a lot from them already.
    • GDP PMO meeting

  • Taha
    • Tried building RPI3 image.
    • Tested GDP on Raspberry Pi3  GDP-459 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Reported some bugs and issues found during the test  GDP-465 - Getting issue details... STATUS   GDP-466 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Presently working on testing GDP on qemu. Due to being down, could not download the binaries required.

Other Activities

  • Internal meetings/discussions at Pelagicore about GDP future.
  • Arranging hardware for testing.


Unresolved (not discussed last week)

Solved (from last week’s report issues

Next Week Targets

  • GDP testing on all supported boards done.
  • Ready for tagging release 11 hopefully.

Weekly Open Call Meeting Minutes


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • John Ehrig

  • Leon Anavi

  • Nick Contino

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Top Pollard

Main activities

  • Gunnar: Zeeshan is doing well with what he has, we are going to bring more support for the direction of the GDP

  • Leon asks about issues with meta-rust and gcc 6?

  • Zeeshan not focusing on that right now though it will be coming up again

  • There are some JIRA issues that we can reopen or create a new ticket specifically for GCC 6 so that this work can be tracked

  • Hopefully we can update meta-rust in the future but there is work ongoing to bring the SOTA software to C/C++

  • Discussion on the “car” and “multimedia” buttons not working. The person to discuss this issue with is

  • Setting up the mode line will help with resolution issues, Stephen Lawrence to file an issue

  • FM radio app from HMI crashes on various platforms, discussion on who to contact to resolve this issue

  • Were there issues with the demo of the RC 3 at the AMM?

  • Tom: I haven’t seen any DRM issues with the Rpi, but I’ve seen issues with displays not powering up. There were some crashes from time to time but it would run. The Rpi has been one of the more stable platform.

  • Tom: The GDP is never going to be super stable since it has to support so many boards

  • Important to be “aggressive but kind” in hunting down bugs.

  • Tom notes that Codethink has shipped all the hardware to Sweden, request for tracking number to be sent to Zeeshan.

  • Nick: there is a network outage at the Portland GENIVI site this means that mailing lists and are currently down.

New Business

  • No other business raised