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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

FOSDEM, Life-cycle integration work continues, GSoC projects proposals and pull-request reviews.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
  • Viktor
    • FOSDEM
    • Working on getting an service/app that communicates with NSM working on a target. More work than expected so this work will be on going for the next week as well.
  • Taha
    • FOSDEM
    • Discussion with Jeremiah about Auto upload approach of Go images to Genivi.

Other Activities

Next Week Targets

  • To have NodeStateManager to boot & tested against a demo cmdline app.
  • GSoC proposals concluded & listed on wiki page.

Minutes from GDP Open Call on Feb 8


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Steve Crumb

  • Nick Contino

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Taha Mohammad

  • Viktor Sjölind

  • John Ehrig

  • Leon Anavi

Main activities

  • GSoC discussion, adding mentors to the projects, still need new projects, looking for mentors.

  • Zeeshan has added some material along with Gunnar.

  • Viktor has been working on the lifecycle components. Evaluation of Node State Manager and Node Startup Controller as well as work done on NSM

New Business

  • Reminder that by the end of the month we need to have a complete feature list

  • Freeze date is early April

  • Discussion and review of PMO meeting minutes took place