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Main achievements:








Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work continues, Pull-request reviews.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual (actually more than usual this week).
    • Broken Porter builds on Go.CD:  GDP-561 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Reviewed pull requests.
    • Priority assessment of HMI bugs:  GDP-172 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Viktor
    • Working on making the GDP HMI react to node state manager events such as shutdown.
    • Discussing yocto structure with Gunnar.
    • Debugging NSM on RPi3.
  • Taha
    • Small fixes in gocd setup for building agent docker image.
    • Fruitful meeting with Gunnar and Zeeshan discussing CI and suggested improvements.
    • Unified our go-agent using the gocd docker setup.
    • Working on a cron job setup for running a install_build_dependencies script when updated.

Other Activities

Next Week Targets

  • Porter build on Go.CD fixed:  GDP-561 - Getting issue details... STATUS

GDP Open Weekly on Feb 22


  • Jeremiah Foster

  • Zeeshan Ali

  • Nick Contino

  • Philippe Robin

  • Stephen Lawrence

  • Viktor Sjölind (Apologies)

  • Changhyeok Bae

  • Gunnar Andersson

  • John Ehrig


  • Going through pull requests

  • Meeting with Gunnar

  • Zeeshan went through all the bugs and tried to prioritized them

  • Viktor has been working on the life cycle implementation, sent a pull request reviewed by Zeeshan and Gunnar

  • Taha has been working with CI cron jobs and looking at moving some build services to the cloud

  • Discussion of Koelsch, the first board that GDP was built on. Building should be easy, setup for Porter and change to Koelsch and it should build

  • Stephen: Koelsch and Porter have the same SoC, so they’re inter-changeable

  • Zeeshan: Should we add a build for Koelsch? Or should we create a recipe that links to Porter but people would have the option to build for Koelsch

  • Stephen: We have a pull request queued up for Gen 3

  • Stephen: There is an old pull request for Koelsch since the GDP first version ran only on QEMU and Koelsch

  • <discussion on target and pull request for building Koelsch>

  • GDP 11 issues for Gen 2 would be nice to be cleared up so it works.

  • Porter build has issues with gstreamer dependency.

  • Stephen: Saw your PR, will look into that on my side

  • Zeeshan: in the bbappend for meta-renesas changes the SRC_URI which clones a particular gstreamer repo instead of the public gstreamer upstream, do we really need to do this in the bbappends?

  • Stephen: It’s possible that there is compositing, graphics format changes, etc. which have different support. This setup won’t change for Gen 2, it’s fixed

  • Gen 3 policy is available for review

  • Zeeshan: In general silicon vendors provide binaries, separate plugins or they modify upstream. Zeeshan will check through the documents and come with feedback.

  • Philippe: Update to the user interface for the navigation software is coming from Philippe C. Will we use this new code in GDP 12?

  • Zeeshan: The plan with the LBS is that we’ve created a branch and once they have pull requests then we’ll review the code and go from there.

  • Stephen: Gen 3 → GDP 11 running. Preparing the PR for that. In the past Renesas has contributed boards for testing, how many are needed?

  • Consensus is 2 hardware boards for GDP testing and one for Gunnar

  • Gen 3 is widely available commercially

  • Graphics requires click-through for non-automotive

  • Gen 2 support will stay at GDP 11. Stephen sent an email requesting feedback.

New Business

  • John E. Bugs and bug tracking. As you know we’re tracking new features and trying to do regular updates. Hopefully we can the same spreadsheet to review the important bugs as well. Who would be the owner of the bug list?

  • The first question is who is accepting that responsibility: Zeeshan is going to do that.

  • The feeling is that having a separate spreadsheet seems to be unnecessary, work ought to be done in the bug tracker itself.

  • John: I’m not trying to propose a new layer of process, as long as we check the status of bugs for release, we go through the backlog as it were

  • Plan is to look at the JIRA status next week in the meeting

  • Zeeshan encouraged greater participation in the issue tracker

  • Changhyeok: do we have QA or a test suite?

  • Gunnar: Nothing that is formal before the release, that is a goal. There are unit tests and some other informal testing done however.

  • Jeremiah and Changhyeok to discuss this further and try to come up with a testing criteria.