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Main achievements:






Renesas R-Car M3 Starter Kit support merged to Master   
Progress on lifecycle integration

GDP-554 - Getting issue details... STATUS

GDP-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 Hard to capture all progress through JIRA tickets but we're trying.


Activity Summary

Life-cycle integration work continues, Pull-request reviews, UI testing investigation, Google Summer of Code activities.


Main activities

  • Zeeshan
    • Meetings and discussions, as usual (actually more than usual this week).
    • Reviewed many pull requests.
    • GSoC activities.
    • Guiding Taha automated UI testing:  GDP-563 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Wrote script to make it easy to update submodules in main repository.
  • Viktor
    • Continued work on implementing NSM Shutdown Consumer support for HMI. Most of the code is done, some systemd work still needed:  GDP-570 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Verified that IVI-layout IDs are not needed as reported in:  HMIL-5 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • Taha
    • Worked on some JIRA issues related to unifying our Go-agents.
      • Cron-job to auto update packages on all Go agents.  TOOL-132 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Update the boost version to 1.55 on go agents:  TOOL-131 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Research on testing dogtail tool to work on target (qemu).
  • Gunnar

    • I involve myself in review of all/most pull requests
    • A lot of discussion with Zeeshan on various topics this week
    • Fixed go-agent VirtualBox setup to build SDE in all variants again after migration
    • Improving CIAT system (with IT) - ready for fully automated deployment to download site, finally.
    • Discussions with Zeeshan/team about how to be strict on quality while also keeping contributors happy/willing to send in change requests (PRs) Leon: Why not introduce git hooks to automate policy checks on commit messages etc.? Zeeshan/all: Yes that's a good idea, and it will cover some of the checks but not all Zeeshan: The Koala project could be useful for this
    • The rest of my work is typically GENIVI-general and will impact GDP in time (Tools, etc.)

Other Activities

  • Students showing interest in the GSoC project.
  • Newsletter being prepared for GDP+GSoC by Traci and Linda.

Next Week Targets

  • Get a GPLv3-free GDP  GDP-247 - Getting issue details... STATUS


GDP Open Weekly on March 1


  • John Ehrig
  • Leon Anavi
  • Nicolas Contino
  • Philippe Robin
  • Steve Crumb
  • Viktor Sjolind
  • Taha Mohammad
  • Gunnar Andersson
  • Zeeshan Ali
  • Phil, ATS
  • Stephen Lawrence


  •  Update from the GDP team 

  • Discussion on Aktualizer PR

    • Leon: Since we need to create aClean history. Removing redundant commits.
    • Discussion
  • Walk-through of now open pull requests to genivi-dev-platform and meta-genivi-dev
    • We shared all open PRs and commented on their status.
    • John Erigh: Preparing a post to list
    • John: We are now at the milestone where we said we would agree on feature set. Are we ready to decide on it?
    • John: Is genivi-projects the right place to publish this? Agreed that it is.
    • John: Where is the list of bugs to include?
    • Gunnar: In my opinion, feature descriptions should be in promotional material, bugs should not. It would have to be a very major problem that many users are waiting for a fix. Normally, bug fixes are just reported at the time of release, together with new features, in Release Notes.
    • John: Gunnar, where are the updated feature descriptions?
    • Gunnar: Started working on it
    • Steve: The information post should be a list of features only, the feature description needs to be done soon but not critical for this post.
    • Agreed first we must have the bug list up to date and tagged as planned for GDP-12
    • Zeeshan: Bugs are not tagged with GDP-12 yet.
    • AI (Zeeshan): Do first bug triage and tag them with GDP-12
  • Stephen: Let me propose two important bugs for starters:
    • GDP-482 Display issues on Porter and Silk
    • GDP-569 GDP display on multiple display output Gen2 and Gen3

Many thanks to Gunnar Andersson (old account, disabled) for taking down meeting minutes.