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This is GENIVI Development Platform (GDP) frequently asked questions page.

Q: What deliverables does GENIVI produce?

A: GENIVI produces at the moment the following deliverables

  • meta-ivi baseline built using yocto 
  • The GENIVI Development Platform (GDP)
    • GDP spins
    • GDP Software Development Environemt

What is the GDP?

The GENIVI Alliance develops specific Open Source software components for automotive environments. In order to make those developers work more accessible to others and attract new developers to automotive GENIVI has an Open Source delivery project of which the most popular outcome, although not the only one, is GDP, an acronym for GENIVI Development Platform.

GDP is made of a base system, which relies on Poky/Yocto, automotive components developed by the GENIVI Alliance and some demos to show the capabilities of the whole system. Some of the most important automotive components developed by GENIVI are part of meta-ivi layer, which are in compliance with GENIVI specifications. GDP is released in the form of binaries including ports to some of the most popular development boards.

Who is GDP for?

GDP targets embedded developers who want to focus on applications for automotive. They require a system that includes the latest available software developed by industry experts, together with the latest available Linux based system, stable enough to make sure these developers can focus on their work, without worrying much about the underlying layers. At the same time, this Platform is easy enough to be consumed in a very short period of time improving productivity. It is also complex enough to provide them a real "automotive experience".

What is the latest stable version of GDP?

GDP-ivi9 is the latest stable version, released in March 2016. It will be maintained until the new stable version is out. That next stable version will be GDP 11, which is currently under development. Check the Roadmap page to find out when GENIVI will publish the GDP 11 pre-releases as well as the final release.

What is the GDP Master?

Master, or GDP Master, is the GENIVI rolling release. It is the integration point of the GDP code base, designed to offer any developer with Yocto knowledge the possibility to build from scratch a GDP system for any of the supported boards at any time, including the latest available software. So Master is a second deliverable of the GENIVI Alliance delivery project.

Who is GDP Master for?

Master is a "do it yourself" kind of solution, so it requires Yocto knowledge to build the system. Since it comes with the latest available software, it is desired that the developer also have debugging capabilities in case something does not work as expected. Master targets GDP contributors so it is also desired that, if a problem is found, the developer understand how to get in contact with the delivery team and provide bug reports in an open environment.

So in general, Master targets GENIVI automotive components developers, like those that work at GENIVI, embedded Open Source software experts interested in automotive, and application developers with Yocto knowledge.

What are GENIVI spins?

Spins are different flavors or editions of the GENIVI development platform that bring in functionality or technology that is not already in the GDP Master. Spins mostly focus on different HMIs while working to improve the GENIVI middleware APIs.

What is the GDP SDE (Software Development Environment)?

The SDE is a self contained development environment designed to get you started with developing with GDP.  It will be distributed as a VirtualBox virtual machine image ready to run with many development tools already installed.   It can be run using VirtualBox regardless if your computer is running Linux, Mac, or Windows. 

We chose to not call this deliverable "SDK", to avoid preconceived (and differing) ideas of what an SDK should contain, but also because a part of the SDE is made up of the so called Yocto SDK, and the SDE is therefore more than that.