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GDP community meeting

GENIVI organizes a weekly open call to discuss GDP topics. To participate:

  • Time: Every Wednesday 1700 / 5PM CET.  (= 1600 UTC in Winter, 1500 UTC in summer)
  • How to participate: GENIVI Webex
  • The GDP weekly report is presented during this call.

Activity reports

2017 reports (Scrum process)

Reports are given for each sprint duration instead of calendar week
(i.e. Thursday to Wednesday). 

Most of the details of the reporting can be viewed live using the JIRA queries on the page
GDP Delivery weekly report.   A snapshot of that page shall be printed to PDF and stored here before the sprint is closed.

The PDF snapshot in combination with the GDP Community Meeting Minutes make up the full weekly report.

MonthWeekSnapshot Report in PDFMeeting Minutes

Sprint 2728


Sprint 2627

Tickets report (was omitted  in Weekly)


26Sprint 2526 
25Sprint 24252017-06-21 GDP Meeting minutes
24Sprint 23242017-06-14 GDP Meeting minutes
May Reports presented on the weekly meeting using the live page.  Snapshots were not stored however. 
The JIRA project has the Sprint content in its history.


Previous 2017 reports

MonthDateReport in PDF

Report on Wiki




 Week 15Week 15
 Week 14Week 14
 Week 13Week 13




Week 12Week 12
Week 11Week 11
 Week 10Week 10
 Week 9Week 9
 Week 8Week 8






 Week 7Week 7
 Week 6Week 6


Week 5Week 5
 Week 4Week 4



  Week 3Week 3
 Week 2Week 2
  Week 1Week 1

2016 reports:

(green star) First report from Pelagicore AB

(star) Last report from Codethink Ltd