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This page is meant to help those GDP users to identify which peripherals are known to work with GDP and which ones present issues and how to overcome them, when possible. If you do not see the peripheral you have problems with or you are using one that works, please add it to this page. This will help others.



  • Model
    • Please add a link to the peripheral specification page from the manufacturer or/and a solid page that talks about Linux support for this device.
  • Product / version
    • GDP 11 RC2: GENIVI Dev Platform version 11 Release Candidate 2
  • Support
    • yes / no: it works out of the box or it does not work.
    • partial: it works under certain circumstances, with a specific driver not included in GDP or with a hack/workaround
    • dropped: Support was intentionally dropped. See Solution/ticket for details.
  • Target affected
    • All
    • Renesas Porter
    • Renesas Silk
    • RPi2
    • RPi3
    • QEMU
    • Minnowboard MAX/Turbot
    • Dragonboard
  • Solution / ticket
    • The solution must be outlined in the table and described below in detail
    • The JIRA ticket that deals with this issue has to be added so we can keep track of the work done to make it work.


ManufacturerModelDimensionOther characteristicsProduct / versionSupportTarget affectedSolution /  ticket
GeChicON-LAP 1502i & 130315.6" & 13.3"Capacitive touch screen,10-point multi-touchMaster & GDP 11YesAll 
LilliputFA1011-NP-C-T10.1"USB and serial connector, black chassis, resistive touchGDP 11 RC2PartialRenesas Porter

Requires udev rules for it to be recognized as a touchscreen. Requires udev rules for touch calibration.
The below enables touch 

RaspberrypiOfficial 7" DSI Touchscreen7"DSI, Black BezelMaster and GDP 11 RC3YesRPi2/3 GDP-206 - Getting issue details... STATUS
FaytechAllNAUSB and serial connector, black chassisMasterDroppedAll

Support dropped after many issues & overall low quality of these displays: GDP-546 - Getting issue details... STATUS



ManufacturerModelDimensionOther characteristicsProduct / versionSupportTarget affectedSolution / ticket


  GDP 11 RC2NoAllNo solution available / GDP-150 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Iiyamab2480hs  GDP 11 RC2NoAllNo solution available / GDP-150 - Getting issue details... STATUS
LGFlatron M2262DP-PZ  GDP 11 RC2YesAll


SamsungT24D390 2x 5W speakers GDP 11 RC2 and MasterYesAll 

Other peripherals

PeripheralManufacturerModelKey characteristicOther characteristicsProduct / versionSupportTarget affectedSolution / ticket


Tenx TechnologyTenx 2.4G Wireless Optical Mouse  GDP 11 RC2YesAll