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GENIVI delivery project produces several deliverables:

GDP is released for different target boards, and for QEMU for testing it on a emulated/virtual machine. Some of these ports are done by the GENIVI delivery team and some other by community members so the state of each one of them might be different. The same applies to peripherals.

GDP feature pages: description of what is new in each release.

GDP deliver releases of its Development Platform regularly. The feature pages summarises the improvements and new functionality included in each one of those releases. They also link to the instructions to either download the images for each target or build them from scratch. Finally, they provide information about known issues and other relevant information associated to each published release.

Those published releases are:

  • GDP 13 released in Oct 2017
  • GDP 12 released in May 2017
  • GDP 11 released in Dec 2016.
  • GDP 10 not released.
  • GDP-ivi9 released in April 2016.
  • GDP-ivi8 not released.
  • GDP-ivi7 released in 2015.

Each of the above links will take you to the release feature page, where you can find which new and updated software come with each major version. You can download them through the Download page. You will also see basic instructions on how to download, run or build from scratch GDP for the different target boards, as well as links to other interesting pages.

Target Boards ports included in GDP releases

Ports to boards done by the GDP and supported in releases and/or Master:

Other boards which community members are or have been working on in the past:

Virtualization/emulation ports included in GDP releases

QEMU is used by GDP Delivery Team on a daily basis for GDP development and integration. Early pre-releases usually comes only for QEMU.

Peripherals supported by GDP

The links below take you to lists of peripherals supported by GDP including information on those which are known to have problems. The GDP Delivery team works with a limited number of peripherals. Your feedback is key to increasing this number, saving time and effort to others.