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The launcher was developed for GDP-ivi11


Description of the GDP HMI launcher


The GDP HMI launcher is an application which offers a graphical interface for the end user to launch the Proof of Concepts included in the GENIVI Development platform. The GDP HMI launcher will supervise the start and close phases of the applications, making use of the GENIVI lifecycle components. It will also supervise the transition of the graphical and input focus between the displayed screens of the HMI applications.

User interface

Home Screen

  • The GDP Home screen provides an interface to
    1. Launch an application from a selection of applications displayed on the home screen
      1. The home screen can be though of as "preset" applications.
        1. Currently the list is fixed, but could be extended to allow the user to choose their own set of home screen applications

Side Bar and Applications Tray

  • The GDP Side Bar tray provide an interface to
    1. Slide out a tray containing all of the HMI applications installed on the GDP
      1. Launch an application from the list of all applications
    2. The applications tray is accessible by pressing the left hand panel.
      1. The left hand panel is visible when any application is running
      2. The applications tray will slide out on top of any application that is running
      3. The applications tray can be closed by pressing the right hand side panel
    3. Go back to the home screen from any application via pressing the GENIVI logo

PoC Applications

  1. Audio Manager
  2. Demo Browser
  3. FM Radio
  4. Climate Control
  5. Connected Home
  6. OpenGL Navigation Demo

Known issues

See the bug list








GDP HMI Home Screen

GDP HMI Applications Tray

GDP Audio Manager Monitor

GDP Browser PoC


GDP Climate Control HMI PoC