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It is important to understand GENIVI momentum and not only understand what GENIVI is but also foresee what GENIVI will be in the next months or years. 


Get a detailed view on where the standardization and code production will occur in the next releases. 


GENIVI Releases

GENIVI uses a time-boxed approach to development. A new release appears every 6 months and coincides with All Member Meeting events. The releases have code names that are ordered alphabetically. The names have a spaceship- or astronomy-related theme.

Apr 2016 - Compliance Release 10.0 - Baseline Release LEVIATHAN -

Oct 2016 - Compliance Release 11.0 - Baseline Release MIRANDA -

Apr 2017 - Compliance Release 12.0 - Baseline Release NOSTROMO -

Oct 2017 - Compliance Release 13.0 - Baseline Release QUASAR -

Apr 2018 - Compliance Release 14.0 - Baseline Release PULSAR -

The baselines versions when released get available in GENIVI Open Source Projects – Yocto Baseline  

Future Content Roadmap

GENIVI offers a toolbox which allows to accelerate and simplify development of Infotainment systems through standardization and reuse of code components. This toolbox is not complete and also needs to adress a moving target. To define its roadmap GENIVI uses multiple entries:

  • Lessons learned from serial product developments allow to identify gaps and holes
  • Member companies involved in expert groups raise new topics that they would address anyway for themselves and that they prefer to share with the community
  • Board members drive the strategic trends of GENIVI scope

These entries are shared between Expert Groups and Project Management Office, then each Expert Group defines its Roadmap in its domain. If you need more background on GENIVI organization you can get the information here:,


A detailed roadmap on each component is available in the Compliance Specification document which is part of the members benefits. If your company is not a member and you would like to learn about member benefits, please visit Promote these benefits in your company and join us!

GENIVI Platform Compliance Specification (members-only document).

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