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Welcome to GENIVI Resource Kit. You found the best access to all great technical deliveries provided by GENIVI. The Technical Resource Kit is intended to guide you in your journey with GENIVI and help you to understand what is available, what for, where you can find it and how you can use it. You can either navigate in your browser or download the latestGENIVI Technical Resource Kit August 2017.pdfPDF version of the GENIVI Technical Resource Kit (right click the link and save the target).


GENIVI Alliance delivers a set of documents and code modules that allow you to easily build your In-Vehicle Infotainment solution.


These deliverables are detailed in following chapters (see menu on the left) 

Several types of companies can benefit from the GENIVI Technical Resource Kit.

If you are an Automaker or a Tier one supplier to Automakers, you can use it:

-          To evaluate technologies

-          To build a platform basis for a serial product; your development will be much faster and cheaper thanks to the great amount of existing code maintained by the community

If you are a Software Company you can use it:

-          To demonstrate an integration of your software products in a GENIVI environment

-          To get the “Works with GENIVI(r)” branding

-          To build a platform basis for a serial product that you intend to deliver to an Automaker or to a Tier one supplier

If you are a Silicon Vendor or Hardware Company you can use it:

-          To demonstrate that a GENIVI stack runs on your hardware

-          To demonstrate the performance of your hardware when running a GENIVI stack

-          To get your hardware promoted on GENIVI website

Different individual profiles will use the GENIVI Technical Resource Kit in different ways

We will consider two categories in the following chapters: managers – developers.

The following logo will indicate paragraphs that allow to go in deep details and will be of great interest for developers but that manager may prefer to skip.

When you see this logo the level of detail is more targeted to developers

IVI Development Process Using GENIVI

To begin your experience with all that GENIVI delivers, we will start with the GENIVI Demo Platform (GDP) in the first chapter and then guide you along the details that will help you to build your IVI solution and customize it to your needs. The Technical Resource Kit will help you to understand  how a GENIVI "tool box" consisting of many different tools can bring efficiency in IVI development process.



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