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IVI systems are being connected to non-IVI ECUs. The goal of the IoNAS tooling is to provide an automated way to generate the software stacks needed for the inter-processor communication (IPC) between an GENIVI-based system and an AUTOSAR system. All tools developed for IoNAS are based on the Eclipse platform (esp. using EMF, ARTOP, Xtext and Franca).

A joint workgroup of GENIVI members and AUTOSAR members has been working on the concepts. An intermediate result is the incorporation of the concept into AUTOSAR 4.2.1.


The task of connecting both worlds consists of two steps:

  1. Integration of IVI systems and AUTOSAR systems on model level
  2. Integration of actual IVI and AUTOSAR target systems

Step 1: Integration on model level

This step includes the mapping of concepts from Franca and AUTOSAR. This mapping has been defined in an AUTOSAR TR and is now part of AUTOSAR 4.2.1. See AUTOSAR technical report Integration of Franca IDL Software Component Descriptions.

There is an implementation of this mapping which is based on Eclipse (esp. EMF, Xtext, ARTOP and Franca). The sources of this transformation tool are located in the AUTOSAR svn repository (for AUTOSAR members). In 2014, GENIVI mandated itemis to develop IoNAS UI, which is an open-source tool which provides an easy-to-use UI interface and comes as an easy-to-install Eclipse update site. However, IoNAS UI depends on Artop and the IoNAS model transformation, which are available only for AUTOSAR members.

Step 2: Integration of actual target systems

It should be possible to create running target code from the models automatically created by the transformation tool from step 1. Supporting this by code generators and runtime libraries is the goal of step 2. It is planned to build a solution using SOME/IP. Thus, it will be necessary to provide an AUTOSAR RTE supporting on SOME/IP and a GENIVI platform with CommonAPI C++ and SOME/IP backend. This task is currently ongoing. During the GENIVI AMM in Stuttgart in April 2015, BMW announced an open-source implementation of SOME/IP and the corresponding CommonAPI C++ backend.


Currently (as of May 2015) some issues with licensing of the binary distribution of the actual model transformation have to be clarified. As soon as this is done, IoNAS UI will be made available on

The sources of the actual model transformation are available in the AUTOSAR svn repository (for AUTOSAR members only).

Additional documentation

Here is an introductory presentation on IoNAS.


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