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Last month I blogged about the initial release of Genivi 12 support for the Genivi Yocto Baseline and Genivi Development Platform on R-Car Gen 3 (H3/M3/E3 SoC) based boards. That support was based on v2.17 of the upstream Yocto BSP. Since then upstream has updated to v2.19 so I have now updated the Genivi 12 support to use it.

Developer Summary

I have pushed pull request #89 to update the GDP project to use it. Once merged I will update the GDP wiki.
Update: The GDP Master branch pull request has now been merged.

Please see the section below for notes on migration and testing.

Developer Notes

Migration Guide

This support is based on upstream Yocto BSP release v2.19.

A summary of changes to be aware of since v2.17:

  1. Please download and use the updated gfx/mmp package for Yocto BSP v2.19.
    1. Gfx has been updated to v1.3.2.
      1. The name of the graphics initscript has changed.
    2. MMP has been updated to v3.0.9.
  2. The Initial Program Loader (IPL) has been updated to v1.0.14
  3. The gfx/mmp copy script now searches zip files for the archives it needs to copy.
    This means the developer no longer has to unzip the two "click through" licensed downloads before running the script.
    The script for the NDA Evaluation licensed packages already has that feature.
  4. The kernel and u-boot package has been updated to release v3.5.3 (based on Linux Kernel 4.9 Stable)
    1. Please refer to the table below for the correct dtb to use for your board and SoC:

      BoardSoCDTB Filename
      M3 Starter KitM3


      Salvator-XH3 WS 1.0, WS 1.1Image-r8a7795-es1-salvator-x.dtb
      Salvator-XH3 WS 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-x.dtb
      Salvator-XSH3 WS 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-xs.dtb

See individual commit messages for details of the changes between v2.17 and v2.19.


  • The u-boot start address changed from H’49000000 to H’50000000 in YBSP v2.16.
  • The start address of the BL2 component of the Initial Program Loader (IPL) became 0xE6304000 in YBSP v2.17.

I have sanity tested GDP Master on the following boards:

Known Issues

  1. By default GDP selects the first enumerated display for output, which for the Salvator-X board means VGA. To run GDP using the HDMI connector please disable the LVDS and VGA outputs in your weston.ini. This ensures GDP selects the correct display. See JIRA ticket GDP-569 - Getting issue details... STATUS for discussion of this GDP issue.
  2. Building optee-os requires libMagickWand to be installed on your host machine. Many linux distros, including Ubuntu, ship with it installed, but if it is not please install it. See JIRA ticket GDP-598 - Getting issue details... STATUS for details.