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The name of the git repository for the Genivi Yocto BSP for the Renesas R-Car Gen 2 (H2/M2/E2 SoC) family of boards (e.g. M2 Porter, E2 Silk) has been renamed on github from meta-renesas to meta-renesas-rcar-gen2 ( The commits within the repository remain the same. Please update your git remote to point to the new location.

I will be sending a pull request to change GDP-11 Gen 2 support to point to the renamed repository after the Seoul AMM.

The repository was renamed to allow a new structure to be put in place for the R-Car Gen 3 (H3/M3 SoC) Yocto BSP, starting with the Genivi 13 and YP 2.3 (Pyro) support, which includes aligning with the meta-renesas name used in the Gen 3 upstream.