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In my last blog introducing Genivi-14 support for Renesas R-Car Gen 3 I ended by noting that updates to meta-ivi, GDP and Yocto BSP v3.6.0 would be arriving soon. This time I would like to update you on those.

R-Car Gen 3 Yocto BSP v3.6.0

The initial Genivi-14 support used Yocto BSP v3.4.0. Upstream has now updated to Yocto BSP v3.6.0 and I have updated GDP to use it. More on GDP later, let's start with Yocto BSP v3.6.0.

Developer Summary

PurposeRepository LocationBranch
Upstream Yocto BSP support

Adapt Yocto BSP (meta-renesas) to Genivi Yocto Baseline (meta-ivi)

Migration Guide

if you wish to use the "click through" licensed gfx/mmp packages that requires no NDA then please download the packages for Yocto v3.6.0 and Wayland 1.13 /Weston 2.0 from here.

The new Yocto BSP release introduces support for the E3 SoC and updates to various Yocto BSP packages including the kernel, Initial Program Loader (IPL) and u-boot. Please flash the updated IPL/u-boot to your board. Instructions for doing that can be found on in the "Flashing Firmware" section of the M3 Starter Kit and H3 Starter Kit board pages. For Salvator-X(S) and Ebisu boards please refer to the documentation that came with the customer Yocto BSP.

Details of the Yocto BSP changes can be found in the git commit messages. Here is a log using the github compare function.

Please refer to the table below for the correct dtb to use for your board and SoC:

BoardSoCDTB filename
M3 Starter KitM3


Salvator-XM3N 1.1Image-r8a7796-salvator-x.dtb
Salvator-XSM3N 1.1Image-r8a77965-salvator-xs.dtb
H3 Starter KitH3 1.0, 1.1Image-r8a7795-es1-h3ulcb.dtb
H3 Starter KitH3 2.0Image-r8a7795-h3ulcb.dtb
Salvator-XH3 1.0, 1.1Image-r8a7795-es1-salvator-x.dtb
Salvator-XH3 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-x.dtb
Salvator-XSH3 2.0Image-r8a7795-salvator-xs.dtb


Historically I have maintained pages discussing the building of Genivi s/w for R-Car in the meta-ivi Yocto BSP wiki area. I have now added a page covering R-Car Gen 3 builds for Genivi-14.


Rebasing of GDP on the Genivi-14 Yocto Baseline is well underway. Since the last blog I sent pull request #2 to update the R-Car Gen 3 support to Genivi-14. This has now been merged into the working patch set and the current state of the rebase can be found in GDP PR #177.

It builds on R-Car Gen3. At the time of writing there is an integration issue that is stopping the HMI from starting automatically on all platforms.