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Next Meeting - Tuesday 21 November - 11:30am CET

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Agenda items (to be prioritarized at the beginning of the call)

  • list of topics / problems / tasks from Harman and Bosch
  • introduction to AA Audio HAL (Piotr)
  • AOB

7 November 2019 - Project Scoping  - First Call


  • Andrey (Harman) principal architect, Android expert, based in Nijni-Novgorod, Russia
  • Denis (Harman) manager of Android COE team (Center Of Excellence)
  • Alexander (Harman) workis in the COE for low level Android
  • Suhasini (Analog Devices), automotive infotainment software engineer, based in Bangalore, India
  • Piotr + 1 (Tieto) mobile devices, automotive HW layer of Android, based in Poland
  • Maria + 2 (Bosch Car Multimedia) manager and two SW engineers
  • Gunnar (GENIVI)
  • Philippe (GENIVI)


  • Philippe reminds the objective of the call (or of the first series of calls rather) which is to define the scope of a Audio HAL project
  • Suhasini: we have not much experience with Android Automotive (AA), we are interested in AA because AA is now in the head unit
    • we have a portfolio of audio processors and an automotive audio bus to distribute audio within the car, we want to configure our proprietary audio bus SW stack to use it with AA as we did for Linux
    • we want to determine whether we have a problem of bandwith when using our proprietary network with AA, one approach is to use shared memory transfer
      in the audio HAL
  • Piotr: we identified the following list of problems / tasks with AA when integrating the HAL for silicon vendors and OEMs
    • configuration of Automotive overlay, there is not much tool to configure the AA system
    • there is no way to control the equalization, i.e. no simple way to control global effects for output streams (by default Android application controls its own tracks)
    • there is no Audio calibration interface
    • there is a need for a generic interface for controlling audio effects on HAL level, global effects are designed for input streams but control over them is limited by interface
    • early audio for RVC (Rear View Camera) or other services
    • configuration management component for TinyALSA
    • Audio Focus doesn't forbid to interrupt Audio, Android 10 provides additional interface for Automotive to solve this problem
  • Suhasini: we would like the following topics to be investigated
    • Audio data transfer / streaming to a co-processor for post processing of audio from the HAL/other Android layers
    • Support for the configuration of networked audio devices. Currently Android can view it only as a single device/sound card. An audio network in car might have multiple devices that needs to be controlled by the Android OS.
  • Bosch engineer: we are working on two things, with the audio HAL we received from our silicon vendor
    • 1- patches for handsfree management, combination of BT stream with other streams, how to enable the correct audio routing, documentation on the Audio HALis missing, it is difficult to find examples on line
    • 2- I/O for our Bosch HW, the challenge is to adapt the AA framework to our HW, which has for instance 4 audio channels while we need to present them as 2 audio channels to AA
  • Gunnar: how many of you are familiar with the Audio Manager of GENIVI ? I would recommend you to look at the features supported by GENIVI Audio Manager because it has been designed for automotive audio specifically
  • Gunnar: introduces shortly the Audio Manager daemon and plug-ins
  • Harman engineer: using Audio Manager am implementation designed for linux would raise an issue because of the Google CTS
  • Andrey: safety related audio features can likely not be implementted in AA because AA is not a real-time OS

Next steps

  • Gunnar: @Harman - would you consider making a list similar to what Tieto presented ?
  • Suhasini: having an overview of the AA audio HAL would help ? can someone give such a presentation ?
  • /TODO/ Harman & Bosch provide a list of topics that could be worked on jointly
  • /TODO/ Philippe create a wiki page DONE
  • /TODO/ Piotr prepare a short presentation on the AA audio HAL so that we share the same understanding of Audio HAL features

Next call

  • we will have calls every other week, on Thursdays at 11:30 CET
  • next call is scheduled on Thursday 21 November, a calendar invite has been sent

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